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The EU in Tanzania receives accolade for three decades of advocating for women’s rights

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021; Dar es Salaam: Ahead of International Women’s Day, the Tanzania Women’s Lawyer Association (TAWLA) presented today an award to the Ambassador of the European Union, to honour thirty years of European Union’s support in advocating for women’s equality in Tanzania.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, the Tanzania Women’s Lawyer Association (TAWLA) presented today an award to the Ambassador of the European Union, to honour thirty years of European Union’s support in advocating for women’s equality in Tanzania.

The EU is proud to have been recognised by the Tanzania Women’s Lawyer Association in our combined efforts in advocating for women’s rights in Tanzania. As the European Union we stand in partnership and solidarity with women in Tanzania and support civil society to further improve women’s lives,” said Manfredo Fanti, EU Ambassador to Tanzania at his residence, where he received the award, and added that “TAWLA has been our partner of several projects, recently strengthening the participation of women and youth in Tanzania. We can clearly see today that women are leading the way to a more equal future.”

Advocating for women’s rights in regard to access to legal services has proven to empower generations of women and support the livelihoods of many people that depend on women in the household.

“The relationship between TAWLA and the European Union and its Member States including Denmark, Sweden and Finland goes back a long way. TAWLA and its quest to ensure access to justice, especially for women and children in Tanzania has always sought support from EU and they have been ready to give support both technically and financially for the past 30 years,” said TAWLA Chairperson, Lulu Ng’wanakilala.

The EU supports women across its cooperation programmes. Gender is a cross-cutting theme and is addressed in all EU supported projects. With the EU Gender Action Plan, the EU will further step up its engagement for women in partnership with Tanzania, promoting women’s full participation and leadership in public life and in all different sectors of the society.

The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania provides for equal participation of women and men in all aspects of the political process. Historically in Tanzania, the women’s grassroots movements have pushed forward achievements by providing collective power.

The EU promotes women empowerment and gender equality globally and also at home in Europe! One of its guiding principles is leading by example and fostering partnership with all stakeholders, CSOs, public authorities and women’s organisations. The EU Delegation is working together with EU Member States in Tanzania as #TeamEurope to better achieve these objectives.



  • TAWLA is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that aims to advocate for gender equality, promotes human dignity and gender justice through policy, legal and institutional reforms, community action and media engagement.
  • TAWLA envisages a society that respects and upholds the rights of women.
  • The EU has supported TAWLA in working to systematically support and guide the enhancement of legal aid in Tanzania towards increased promotion and protection of human rights through a legal empowerment approach.

About the EU Gender Action Plan III

The EU’s new Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in External Relations 2020–2025 (GAP III) aims to accelerate progress on empowering women and girls, and safeguard gains made on gender equality during the 25 years since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and its Platform for Action

  • Working together with EU Member States as Team Europe at multilateral, regional and country level, and fostering partnership with stakeholders, CSO, women’s organisations.
  • Leading by example, by striving for a gender-responsive and balanced leadership, more capacity and expertise and a reinforced network of gender focal points
  • Putting the focus on results, accountability and transparency through qualitative, quantitative and inclusive monitoring.

About the European Union (EU)

The European Union and the Republic of Tanzania are long-term partners. The European Union has provided key support for development in Tanzania, with a total grant funding of EUR 547 million during the period 2014-2020. Such support has focused on:

  • Promoting fundamental rights, good governance and accountable democracy;
  • Supporting Tanzania's development agenda and sustainable development goals for a better life for all, including through dedicated interventions on large infrastructure, sustainable energy and agriculture, protection of wildlife and biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • Stimulating inclusive growth, private sector and job creation;
  • Fostering regional peace and stability, economic integration and trade development.

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