Delegation of the European Union to Ecuador

The European Union launches the Third call for tenders of the AL-Invest 5.0 programme.

06/01/2017 - 16:07

CAINCO presented the Third call for tenders under the AL-Invest 5.0 programme to finanance enterpreneurship in Latin America.

The Al-Invest 5.0 program bets on work as the most efficient and long-term means of fighting against poverty. It supports development of productive capacities, entrepreneurship and associative of all MSMEs of Latin America as well as promoting processes of integration, social inclusion and worthy employment opportunities, thus promoting the sustainable development of these companies.

It also strengthens the company’s organizational capacities so they can provide better services to MSMEs so that they can promote initiatives which have an impact.

Within the Al Invest 5.0 program a platform is being developed which will allow coordination and sharing of experiences of local MSME´s in 18 Latin American countries

More information on this call under the programme web page - Openings).


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