Delegation of the European Union to DR Congo

About the European Union (EU) Delegation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

11/05/2016 - 16:07
About us - structure and organisation

This page provides information on the Delegation’s role and organisational structure.

The European Union (EU) Delegation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo represents all EU institutions in the country. The main functions of the Delegation are to:

  • Represent all the EU Institutions and conduct policy dialogue with the DRC authorities and civil society organisations. This policy dialogue is part of the Cotonou Agreement on ACP-EU partnership and aims at promoting shared values and interests such as respect for human rights and political freedom, strengthening democracy, and consolidation of the rule of law;
  • Assume the EU presidency locally, having a coordination and impulse role and expressing an opinion on policy matters on behalf of the EU and EU countries, carrying out common demarches on behalf of the EU and its Member states;
  • Act as a link between the EU Headquarters and DRC authorities. In that capacity, it contributes to analysing the situation on both a national and sub-regional level from a political, economic and social point of view and to the formulation of EU appropriate response. It monitors as well the implementation of all EU policies in the DRC;
  • Contribute as a key partner to sustainable development and poverty reduction in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through its cooperation programs in areas such as good governance, infrastructure, health, sustainable agriculture, environment and bio-diversity, reform of the police, justice and public finance system etc. across the country. The Delegation is involved in the definition of the EU cooperation strategy vis-à-vis the DRC and manages in close cooperation with the National Authorizing Body (COFED), interventions from the Directorate-general for development and Cooperation of the European Commission (DEVCO);
  • Collaborate closely with United Nations agencies on the ground, including United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) along with international, regional institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Development Bank amongst others), regional and sub-regional organisations (African Union, SADC etc.) and diplomatic missions of partner countries. It contributes to a better coordination of the partners' cooperation programs and assumes its obligations as member of the executive committee of the donors coordination group;
  • Develop press and information activities to foster and promote the above mentioned objectives;
  • Coordinate activities with the office of DG ECHO (Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection) hosted within the Delegation to supervise humanitarian programs financed by the European Commission;
  • Coordinate locally consular protection and the implementation of the visa code (Schengen agreement).

Head of Delegation

Bart Ouvry

Secretary to the Head of Delegation: Perrine Jacquet De Haveskercke
Security Attaché – RSO: Diego Sanchez


Political and Information Section

Head of Section: Guillaume Chartrain

Political attaché:  Martina Tenko
JPD:  Sarah Marie Bitamazie
Press attaché: Cyprien Banyanga
Secretarial staff: Virginie Sirecki


Operation Coordination

Head of Unit/Head of Cooperation: Daniel Hachez

Assistant project manager: Alain Kikeni
Assistant- communication manager: Larissa Diakanua
Secretarial staff: Evelyn Kamango


Section I – Political governance, Security

Head of Section: Serge Maraite

Project managers:

IFS:   Alain Decoux
DH / Justice Est: Laura Beke
Police / SSR: Laurianne Comard
Civil Society: Alphonse Kassongo
Gender / Elections: Carmen Garcia Audi
Justice / Migration: Ivan Voevodsky

Secretarial staff: 

Elisabeth Mbimba
Eugénie Musau

Section II – Economic governance

Head of Section: Bernard de Schrevel DE SCHREVEL
Programme Officer – Budget Support/Public Finances: Jean-Claude Malongo
Project manager – Aid for Trade: Patty Kalay
Project manager – Decentralisation, Parliament: Vanessa De Sampaio E Melo
Project manager: Sandrine Coets
Secretarial staff: Papy Kabwe


Section III – Infrastructure

Head of Section:  Nicole Fisher
Eastern project manager: Riccardo Claudi
Project manager: Daniela Socaciu
Project manager – Infrastructure: Apollinaire Mukanya
Project manager – Infrastructure: Paul Wasumbuka
Project manager – Infrastructure: Joël Kintadi
Secretarial staff: Cécile Matadi

Section IV Rural Development, Health, Environment, Regional Cooperation

Head of Section: Arnold Jacques De Dixmude

Programme manager – Agriculture/Environment: André Fache
Programme manager – Agriculture/Food security: Loïc Zaralli
Programme manager – Forestry/Environment/Energy: Luis Rodriguez
Programme manager – Health: Anne Nicolay
Project manager – Health: Anja Bauer
Project manager – Health: Michel Mulohwe


Secretarial staff: 

Mélanie Elando
Eugénie Bukasa - Jenny


Finance and Contracts Section

Head of Section: Stéphanie Stasse

Attaché: Maria Almeida Ferrão
Attaché: Luc Radelet
Attaché: Cédric Bievelez
Project accountant: René Matadi
Project accountant: Yvon Olengo Omanga
Contracting Officer: Elie Muyaya
Project accountant: Marc Witandayi


Secretarial staff: 

Joséphine Bolamba
Béatrice Mbongo


Administrative Section

Head of Section: Benoit Artigaut

Administrative Assistant: Patrick Gelhay
Assistant: Albertine Hana Diantete
Secretarial staff: Astrid Tshinguta
Accountant: Guillaume Nsikalangu
Assistant Accountant: (Recruitment in progress)
Protocol Assistant: Patrick Kalonga Kabasele
IT technician: Norbert Useni Ngongo
Registrar: Joseph Kambala
Reception / mail: Brigitte Kavungu
Clerk: Caroline Mangoyo



Jeampy Mfulama
François Mbemba
Théophile Phanzu
Pitshou Mbaki
Franck Landu
Maurice Nzuzi

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