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The European Union launches new intervention in Angola against the effects of Covid 19

29/05/2020 - 13:42

Hand washing with street workers, campaigns of awareness in deprived neighbourhoods, cash transfers to vulnerable families… Many of our partners already took initiatives with EU funds to assist those that more need support. Now we confirm our solidarity to the Angolan people with the launching of a new package of programmes included in our global response to Covid 19, Team Europe. This action financed with close to 10.000.000 EUR aims at mitigating the impact of Covid 19, especially on poorest people. This is a proof of a deeper partnership in these turbulent times.

Sensibilização Covid 19 Angola

Water and soap for street workers

In Uíge province, team from APDCH in the framework of a project financed by the EU launched a campaign of awareness and also created spots with soap and water to wash hands. They targeted street workers, among them, principally women. An important initiative since many of them live in neighbourhoods deprived of running water, main cause of infectious diseases. Other NGO financed by the EU, VIS Angola, reinforced its efforts of hygiene education towards children in street situations. Vulnerable families received cash transfers in Moxico, Bié and Uíge, included in a programme of Social Protection in partnership with the Angolan Government, Louis Berger and Unicef.

Increase of existing issues in Angola

The poorest groups were the first victims of the international context of pandemic and the national State of Emergency in the last few months. Both caused huge damages among Angolan population, increasing dramatically existing issues such as inflation, access to food and others basic services. To face this situation, these partners and many others already deployed a quick response to these communities through EU-financed actions, taking a step forward in the fight against poverty.

Improve the well-being of the Angolan people

Now, more help is coming. The Ambassador of the EU to Angola, Tomáš Uličný, announced that actions funded by the EU will be implemented to support the Angolan population in the more affected areas, addressing the social and economic consequences of Covid 19 in Angola. Actions financed with close to 10.000.000 EUR are expected to kick off in June. The intervention will focus on priority areas such as nutrition, water, sanitation, logistics, and health.

"We remain confident and fully supportive to the Government of Angola’s commitments and relentless efforts to apply reform measures which are essential to implement the economic diversification program, reduce poverty and improve the social welfare and well-being of the Angolan people", said Tomáš Uličný.

Nutrition, medical supplies and support to vulnerable groups

Most part of the global package is a grant directed to research on nutrition actions that will be integrated in the existing EU financed programme "Strengthening Resilience and Food and Nutrition Security in Angola” (FRESAN) in Southern provinces of Angola. Another part of the support will be channelled through selected NGOs to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable groups, for instance with basic food security baskets and others services to communities. A slice of this budget will be transferred to the Government of Angola in order to contribute to the acquisition of COVID 19-medical supplies and the Humanitarian Office of the EU will disburse EUR 3 million.

Angola will also benefit of a EUR 20 million EU-financed regional programme for SADC to support industrialization and productive sectors such as the pharmaceutical sector.

Indirect support to Angola

Angola will also indirectly benefit from the support provided by the EU to several programmes: the Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP) of the World Health Organisation (WHO); EU Centres of Excellence on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation; the Africa Centre for Disease Control; The EU department Research and Innovation for COVID-19 research, and a thematic programme 'Improving synergies between social protection and Public Financial Management to provide very short-term advice on using social protection to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.


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