Delegation of the European Union to Djibouti and IGAD

Inter-Regional Coordinating Committee Support II (IRCC2) Programme

18/08/2016 - 13:12

The Project contributed to the strengthening of ESA-IO region regional integration process within the framework of the overall African Union vision and Cotonou Partnership Agreement.

The Financing Agreement of the Inter-Regional Coordinating Committee Programme was signed by the Regional Authorizing Officer (COMESA) in March 2010. According to the Financing Agreement, each of the four regional organisation (COMESA, IGAD EAC and IOC),  received a direct financial allocation from the Regional Indicative Programme (RIP) to strenghten and support the IRCCs liaison function.

Futhermore,The lead EU Delegation is Zambia as COMESA is the Regional Authorizing Officer and the Contracting Authority. The duration of the project was untill 2016 and the beneficiary was RSO - Eastern, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean. It had an initial budget of  € 21,500,000 and was located in Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region.

The project enhanced the capacity of the ESA-IO regional organizations to coordinate and executed efficiently the regional integration agendas with three pillars that were the core mandate of IRCC2 project:

1. The support to all stages of the project cycle for 9th and 10th EDF RSP/RIP.

2. The contribution to the regional integration agenda.

3. The contribution to the Aid Effectiveness Agenda.

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