Delegation of the European Union to Djibouti and IGAD

The lower Awash-Lake Abbé Land and Seascape Enhancing Biodiveristy Conservation in Transboundary Ecosystems and Seascapes

18/08/2016 - 13:04
Environment and Climate Action

Contribution UE : 1.399.835 EUR
Bénéficiaire : North East Ethiopia and South West Djibouti
Durée :  48 months
Description : The conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems in the Lower Awash-Lake Abbe land and seascapes, in order to contribute to lasting ecosystem goods and services.
The Project has 4 expected results: 
R1 : Understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem services in target land and seascape improved; 
R2 : Holistic and integrated transboundary landscape and seascape management plans developed; 
R3 : Sustainable nature-based and community-managed/co-managed livelihood improvement initiatives developed and supported; 
R4: Capacity for management of protected areas and key ecosystems strengthened. 
Location : Lower Awash-Lake Abbe Land & sea scape
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