Delegation of the European Union to Cuba

Ex-ante publicity of middle and low value contracts

€60.000 - €139.000

Improving the knowledge of the EU and what the EU does in Georgia among key stakeholders – teachers/trainers, youth and media - through a series of workshops and networking activities  in Tbilisi as well as in the regions, specifically on:

i.  widening EU knowledge and dispelling anti-Western myths/fears

ii. threats of Russian disinformation

iii. collaboration with the Teachers Professional Training and Development Centre to continue with Europe in my Class module trainings and teachers' involvement in developing games/quizzes on EU-related topics in their respective subjects

iv. supporting the annual teachers  nationwide conference/competition entitled ''Teacher – a Guide to Europe"

v. peer-to-peer knowledge sharing among Georgian students, including in professional colleges, through: (1) joint networking activities throughout 2019  together with the Georgian National Erasmus+ Office and closer collaboration with the  Young European Ambassadors network

Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
1 April 2019
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