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Enhancing State and Community Level Conflict Management Capability in North-Eastern Nigeria

08/01/2019 - 15:24
Conflict Response

The Overall Objective of the programme is to enhance state and community level conflict management capability to prevent the escalation of conflict into violence in a number of locations in North-Eastern Nigeria.

Expected results:

  • Broader societal participation in and oversight of conflict management mechanisms at state and local level;
  • Systems/mechanisms for identifying and responding to violence against women and girls in place and functioning;
  • Increased and more influential participation by women and girls in institutions and initiatives relevant to peace building;
  • Improved conflict prevention policy and practice in place, strengthened community level conflict management mechanisms.


Main activities:

  • Mapping of existing conflict management institutions, incidents of Violence Against Women and Girls and of non-state armed groups;
  • Community based mapping of indigenous mechanisms of justice, reconciliation and healing;
  • Establish Community Peace Partnerships & Safety Partnerships;
  • Enhancing reconciliation and Improving Community Cohesion and Resilience;
  • Support to development of Family Support Units and Gender Desks, to Observatory Platforms, to Peace Clubs, to Sexual Assault Referral Centres and to Women’s Associations;
  • Establish and manage community accountability forums;
  • Support to skills acquisition and self-employment.


Main accomplishments to date:

  • Capacity of medical practitioners and social health workers improved in focal states
  • The programme worked with partners to establish more Community Peace and Safety Partnerships (CPSPs) in project states.
  • The Traditional rulers have been trained to play an important role in maintaining community relations by resolving disputes efficiently and to the satisfaction of all parties. 


Source of funds: EU Emergency Trust Fund for Stability and Addressing Root Causes of Irregular Migration and Displaced Persons in Africa (ABAC Ref. T05-EUTF-SAH-NG-0301)

Total budget (EUR):  21M

Implementation period:  4 years (2017 – 2020) 

Implementing agency:  British Council

Geographical Area:    3 North East States (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe)

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