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The EU calls on President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and Prime Minister Roble to bring to an end the current political stand-off. The electoral process must continue to move forward peacefully, in line with the previously agreed timetable of 27 May. This is key for the wellbeing of the Somali population.

All Somali stakeholders must exercise maximum restraint for the overall stability of Somalia and the region.

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Good afternoon,

We are living troubling times and we are submerged by crises and urgencies, but from time to time, it is good to lift our eyes and have a look at the big trends and position ourselves within History with a capital H [La Historia con mayúsculas]. And History will [be made] in the Indo-Pacific region. This is where History will [be made] in this century.

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Mr President, Honourable Members of the European Parliament,


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Thank you Ms President, merci beaucoup Madame la Présidente, mesdames et messieurs les députés.

Pour parler du Liban je voudrais bien parler en Français, parce que le Liban est un pays avec une forte tradition française, mais je vais revenir à l’Anglais.

Thank you for including Lebanon on this [Plenary’s] agenda, this is a particularly important moment.


This weekend marks the 2021 edition of European Heritage Days (EHD). Held in September each year, EHD events – often called Heritage Open Days - take place in the 50 countries party to the European Cultural Convention. After a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the European Heritage Days will celebrate the re-opening of heritage sites from 18th to 19th September and will offer everyone an opportunity to meet and share.


Whether you care about climate change, jobs, the economy, or racial and social justice, your voice will only be heard and your vote will only count if you live in a democracy.

The European Union welcomes the announcement that President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Najib Mikati signed a decree forming a government in Lebanon on Friday. 

The political, economic and social crises in the country have deteriorated markedly in the last months and weeks, the existing severe difficulties for the Lebanese people having been further aggravated by crippling power and fuel shortages. It is a matter of urgency to implement the measures and reforms needed to address the multiple crises affecting Lebanon, including an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.


On September 11 2001, the deadliest attack in US history killed nearly 3,000 people and injured more than 6,000 when hijacked passenger flights crashed into the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

We honour the memory of those who lost their lives on this day, 20 years ago. The victims of terrorism are not forgotten. I express my heartfelt sympathy to the American people, especially those who lost their loved ones in the attacks. Terror attacks are attacks against us all.

The EU expresses its concerns following the appointment of an interim government by the Taliban on 7 September. Its composition does not live up to the Taliban’s declared promises on the need for an inclusive government reflecting the political, religious and ethnic diversity in Afghanistan.

An inclusive and representative government is a key element for a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. It is also an essential benchmark for EU engagement. 

The EU, therefore, expects such inclusivity and representation in the future composition of the Government.