Delegation of the European Union to the Council of Europe


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The EUDEL organized a Forum Talk focusing on the theme of "Strengthening Democracy in the 21st Century".

Roughly two thousand global leaders, politicians, activists, experts and young people from all over the world gathered in Strasbourg this week for the 2019 edition of the World Forum for Democracy, where they discussed democracy in the information age. Hosted by the Council of Europe, the forum provides a unique platform for debating solutions to key questions for democracies worldwide.

Local EU Statement on new death sentence in Belarus delivered during the 1359th meeting of the Committee of Ministers (5 November 2019)

The first steering committee of the PGG for the Eastern Partnership took place on 15 October 2019 at the Council of Europe, gathering CoE representatives from the Directorate General of Programmes and External Relations, and representatives from the EU Commission and EU Delegations to Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

On the occasion of the Symposium on "The Future of Youth Participation" organized by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership (18-20 September, Strasbourg), Ambassador Kuneva delivered closing remarks to the participants, which included politically engaged young people, civil society organisations and movements, media representatives, influencers, policymakers, youth workers, educators and teachers.

The Council of the European Union adopted on 14 October 2019 conclusions on democracy.

The conclusions underline that in today's world, democracy is being challenged and called into question. While democracy remains strong in many countries, in others there is a growing trend towards authoritarianism. The Council notes that the challenges to democracy are multi-fold and need to be countered urgently and comprehensively.