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The European Union welcomes the Annual Activity Report 2017 by Commissioner Muižnieks. The EU supports the work of the Commissioner, to uphold human rights in all areas mentioned in the present report. It is a key priority for the EU and its member states to strengthen the state and societal
The EU supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, as recognised by international law.
The EU expects Turkish authorities to respect the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights and the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, including pre-trial detention as well as the principle of presumption of innocence.
Today, our EU HoMS meeting started with a farewell speech from Austrian Ambassador Rudolf LENNKH, who will depart from Strasbourg after 4 years and a half of representing his country to the Council of Europe.
The new "EU priorities for cooperation with the Council of Europe in 2018-2019" were presented on January 29th, to the EU candidate and potential candidate countries, at the EU Delegation in Strasbourg.
On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, European Union High Representative Mogherini says that remembering Europe's dark past and translating what we have learned from our experience into our policies is critical to prevent against the rise of antisemitism,
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
Violence against women and girls still takes place every day, inside and outside the European Union. This violation of human rights is pervasive and has many different faces: it happens regardless of social background, whether at home, at work, at school, in the street, playing sports or online. It
World Day against the Death Penalty
The death penalty is incompatible with human dignity. It's inhumane and degrading treatment. It has no proven deterrent, allowing irreversible and fatal judicial errors. All of the EU has proudly abolished the death penalty.
EU supports child rights
EU supports child rights
Why don't you take advantage of the quiet summer break in the organisations and take a moment to get to know them better? Take this little quiz to find out how much you know about us! Answers can be found at the end!
The voice of the European Union and its people is heard all around the world. From Asia and the Pacific to Africa, Europe and Central Asia, from the Greater Middle East to the Americas, the European Union’s diplomatic network runs wide and deep to all corners of the globe, making a difference when
On Monday 16 October 2017 the Council adopted the EU Annual Report on Human Rights And Democracy in the World in 2016.
Editorial Sections: Council of Europe 20170314_-_high-level_conference_-_programme_3.pdf
Country-based support scheme- Information session- Call reference 151464
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