Delegation of the European Union to the Council of Europe

EU Forum Talk at the World Forum for Democracy

10/11/2019 - 19:57
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The EUDEL organized a Forum Talk focusing on the theme of "Strengthening Democracy in the 21st Century". The topic was discussed at the presence of Ambassador Meglena Kuneva, who invited as panellists Mr Patrick Costello, Head of Division of Global3 of the European External Action Service (EEAS), Ms Marie-Helène Boulanger, Head of Data Protection Unit (DG JUST), Mr Sam Van Der Staak, Head of programme at International IDEA, and Mr Ingo Mannteufel, Head of Department for Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus at Deutsche Welle. The Forum Talk was very well attended by participants of all age groups and from all over the world, who had the opportunity to exchange with panellists on the challenges that democracy faces today, and to learn more about the actions and objectives of the EU to ensure that the information age is conducive to strengthening democracy.

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