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Ambassador Kuneva delivers closing remarks at the Symposium on "The Future of Youth Participation"

28/10/2019 - 14:42
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On the occasion of the Symposium on "The Future of Youth Participation" organized by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership (18-20 September, Strasbourg), Ambassador Kuneva delivered closing remarks to the participants, which included politically engaged young people, civil society organisations and movements, media representatives, influencers, policymakers, youth workers, educators and teachers. In her speech, Ambassador Kuneva outlined the areas of cooperation between the EU and the Council of Europe within the youth sector since 1998, and referred to some of the successes achieved over the past two decades. The current priority areas of focus - enhancing participation, quality development of youth work, and social inclusion with a focus on outreach, access to rights, and counteracting discrimination against vulnerable groups - aim to improve our knowledge on youth, promote youth work and strengthen co-operation with a regional focus.


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