Delegation of the European Union to Colombia

#TeamEurope in Colombia: we can beat covid only as a team

21/09/2020 - 13:01
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The EU Delegation in Colombia together with the Member States launched the #TeamEurope campaign. Colombians and Europeans share the same passion for cycling and just like great teams do, the Member States of the European Union are working together and pedaling with force in order to mitigate the devastating consequences of this pandemic.


The 2020 tour began with an apparent moment of calm, but rapidly the race was diverted and the biker peloton worldwide, with no warning, faced a dangerous and harsh mountain passage called Covid-19. The steep ascent took its toll on many racers, who felt at times catching their breath and losing their strength. The battle against the virus generated a health, economic and social crisis in all countries making strides in the 2020 tour. What could be done to endure the severity of Covid-19 without faltering? How to summon the strength in those legs and reach the top?


The response of the European countries is clear: We can beat Covid only as a team. #TeamEurope was born out of this conviction. It is an initiative of the European Union that supports our partner countries in the fight against the pandemic, helping them to alleviate its economic and social consequences. Especially relevant in our partner countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, who need all of our support to keep moving forward.

The world keeps pedaling in these challenging times because the effects will be felt for a long time to come. We cannot let the countries, we have partnered with for years, fall behind or falter during their ascent. Each of us needs to pedal as hard as everyone else in this this team,  so we can all reach the finish line.

The first aid package provided by #TeamEurope helped strengthen health response to the emergency caused by Covid-19. We also seek to deliver aid that enhances our partners’ response capacities in facing the crisis as well as their recovery plans. We have learnt the precious lessons about the value of solidary, effort, humility and courage needed when things get hard, taught by those Colombian beetles transiting our European roads.

It is only as a team that we will manage to climb the steepest mountain passage that we have faced during the last decades. Colombia is a land of mountain peaks and a people who do not give up easily. Today we want to tell you that you can count on this #TeamEurope to rise up to the challenges along the way and reach together the finish line.