Delegation of the European Union to Colombia


14/10/2020, Africa Week, S&D Group, Brussels.

HR/VP Josep Borrell sets out the need for the EU to invest in its partnership with Africa, helping the continent to fight pandemic and its consequences. He stresses how Africa is changing and how the EU and the African Union can be strong partners for multilateralism.

18/09/2020 - FEPS, Brussels and on-line.

HR/VP Josep Borrell analyses the causes behind the current crisis in multilateralism. And he sets out the European agenda for a new, revived multilateral system fit for the 21st century.  

14/09/2020 - EU Cyber Forum, Brussels.
HR/VP Josep Borrell underlines that cyber issues are geo-political in nature and have a strong security dimension. The EU wants everyone to reap the benefits that the Internet and the use of technologies provide. At the same time we need effective answers to fast-changing cyber threats. Achieving both objectives lies at the heart of the EU’s approach to cybersecurity.

9/07/2020 – Carnegie Europe/EU Institute for Security Studies, Brussels
HR/VP Josep Borrell analyses the ways in which COVID-19 is changing the international landscape and how the EU is addressing the challenges it created in terms of health, economy and security. The EU should present itself as a partner of choice, defending its model of society of democracy and solidarity.

28/05/2020 – United Nations, New York
HR/VP Josep Borrell sets out the EU’s strong support for effective multilateralism and the work of the United Nations. He gives detailed examples of how the EU is working to promote peace and security in many crises that are on the agenda of the UN Security Council.

25/05/2020 – German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin
HR/VP Josep Borrell describes the contours of the new world that the coronavirus pandemic is creating. He makes a plea for bold action and greater EU cooperation. He underlines the essential role that Germany plus, notably also as incoming Presidency of the Council of the EU.

08/05/2020 – United Nations, New York
In a special commemorative session of the UN Security Council HR/VP Josep Borrell looks back on the progress that Europe has made in 75 years of freedom, human rights and the rule of law. He stresses that constant efforts are needed to protect these values in a world of evolving threats.

1/03/2020 – University of Khartoum
In a speech to the students of Khartoum University, HR/VP Josep Borrell emphasises the EU’s desire to upgrade its relationship with Africa. He also stresses the EU’s strong support for the wishes of many young people in Sudan for democratic change.

28/01/2020 – German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin
HR/VP Josep Borrell describes the importance of Central Asia to the EU and in particular how EU support can help the region better address the consequences of climate change.

21/01/2020 – Palais d’Egmont, Brussels
HR/VP Josep Borrell explains the strategic importance of space for overall European security and the growing role that the EU plays in the field of space technology.

16/01/2020, New Delhi
HR/VP Josep Borrell analyses the nature of the current security threats including in Asia and the role that the European Union is playing to address them.