Delegation of the European Union to Colombia

Puesto vacante - Budget Accountant / Assistant

10/04/2020 - 00:07
Local agents

Assigned to the Finance and Contracts section of the Delegation of Dominican Republic, to assist with the preparation, implementation and follow-up financial tasks related to bilateral projects managed by the Delegation of Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Caribbean regional projects. To perform contractual (creation and management of legal and budgetary commitments) and financial (payments-recoveries) functions in line with the overall instructions given by HoS. 

The recruitment procedure has been completed and a candidate has not been recruited


The European Union Delegation to the Dominican Republic is looking for:

Budget / Accounting Assistant

We are
The European Union (EU) is an economic and political partnership between 28 European countries. It plays an important role in international affairs through diplomacy, trade, development aid and working with global organisations. Abroad, the EU is represented through more than 140 diplomatic representations, known also as EU Delegations, which have a similar function to those of an embassy. 

We offer
We offer a post of Budget / Accounting Assistant within the Finance, Contract and Audit Section of the Delegation. Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation. Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Budget / Accounting Assistant – this job function may be changed in accordance with the needs of the Delegation. Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as accounting assistant and financial manager of the budgetary and contractual aspects of the EU co-development projects in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba, under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of the Finance, Contract and Audit Section.  

Main Task:
• Public procurement (preparation of all bidding documents, invitation to tender letter, award notices. 
• Preparation of contractual documents.
• Financial monitoring of the projects and analyse of the financial reports.
• Invoice record in ABAC systems
•; Payments and recoveries 
•; Preparation and monitoring of external audits
Working hours: 37,5 hours/week Monday-Friday
Place of employment: EU Delegation, Av N. Penson 85A, Sector Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Category: local agent (group 2 in the EU system) – Budget / Accounting Assistant
 We offer a competitive position in an international environment. Benefits, such as additional pension scheme and medical insurance, are offered to employees and their families under certain conditions. 

Selection Criteria 
Minimum Requirements:
1.    Enjoys civil rights and permits for employment under local law; i.e. DR citizen or DR permanent resident;
2.    Medically fit to perform the required duties;
3.    Completed secondary education;
4.    At least 3 years of professional experience in the field of contractual, financial and audit matters relevant to perform the tasks referred to in the job description;
5.    Excellent knowledge of Spanish and English;
6.    Has excellent knowledge of computer tools, spreadsheets and MS Office applications and Internet use.

The following will be considered an asset:
1.    A Bachelor's or Master Degree education in a relevant domain of related fields would be advantageous. 
2.    Professional experience with an Embassy or with an International Organization will be advantageous.
3.    Good knowledge of French
4.    Knowledge of EC internal application, such ARES or ABAC

How to apply
Please send your application and supporting documents to The package should include a cover letter, a detailed CV. Please complete the standard European CV using the template in the following link:
 Please consult the full job description for additional information.
 The Delegation will not supply additional information or discuss the selection procedure by telephone: please address any queries concerning this procedure to

The procedure
After the deadline for applications, the applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee set up for this purpose. The Selection Committee will prepare a short-list of candidates who are considered to be the most suitable for the post on the basis of a preliminary assessment of the information provided in their application letter and the supporting documents. The short-listed candidates will be invited to an assessment phase which may include a written test as well as an interview to assess the suitability of the candidates for the post.
The candidates who have not been short-listed will not be contacted individually; however, the Delegation will use the same means of publication as for this Vacancy Notice to inform the remaining candidates once the recruitment procedure has been completed and that a candidate has (or has not) been recruited.  

The deadline for applications is: 8 May 2020 at 13:00


Job Profile


Budget / Accounting Assistant

Job tittle

Budget / Accounting Assistant


Generic domain


Specific domain


Job Family

Budget, Finance and Contracts

Sensitive Job


Overall purpose

Assigned to the Finance and Contracts section of the Delegation of Dominican Republic, to assist with the preparation, implementation and follow-up financial tasks related to bilateral projects managed by the Delegation of Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Caribbean regional projects. To perform contractual (creation and management of legal and budgetary commitments) and financial (payments-recoveries) functions in line with the overall instructions given by HoS. 

Functions and duties

+ BUDGET and FINANCE - Management and planning : Overall management (FC Section)
•    Under the authority of the Head of Section, to assist in the management of the activities of the section and allocate tasks and responsibilities to the section staff, as necessary.
•    To monitor and control section performance, respect of the priorities and fulfilment of the objectives, bringing significant problems to the immediate attention of the Head of Section
and/or Head of Delegation.
•    General liaison with Operations Section and interface with DEVCO financial services
•    Ensure proper archiving and filing of documents related to EU assistance programme
•    Coordinate and/or implement training activities
•    Ensure proper use of the informatics tools for budgetary and accountancy management.

+ BUDGET and FINANCE - Budget and Finance: Financial Management

•    Follow-up of financial circuit and in particular to register and carry out financial operations according to current regulations
•    Advice on sound financial management
•    Review and advice on draft programming documents, financing decisions, financial agreements and delegations agreements.

+ PROCUREMENT and CONTRACT MANAGEMENT - Contract Management: Contract Management

• Control and verification of tender procedures from a contractual and financial point of view.
• Participation in tender evaluations according to EDF/Devolution regulations, as required
• Contract preparation and compliance review.
• Legal advice on tender procedures, decisions for contracts award and litigations.
+ AUDIT, CONTROL and INSPECTION - Control and Inspection: Monitoring and reporting

• Preparation of financial reports and statistics (Monthly progress report)
• Assistance in the preparation of audit plans and missions
• Follow-up on audit reports

+ INTER-SERVICE COORDINATION and CONSULTATION - Inter-service co-ordination and consultation: Internal co-ordination

• Liaison with HQ services on aspects concerning cooperation programmes/projects, as required.
• Under the authority of the Head of Section, to extract and disseminate best practice information and procedures and to assist in the presentation of current contractual and financial regulations.

+ EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) - External relations: External co-ordination

• To assist the Head of Section and/or Head of Delegation in ensuring the liaison with beneficiary country on aspects concerning cooperation programmes/projects

+ COMMUNICATION and PUBLICATION - External communication: Public speaking

• To assist in matters related to the presentation of EU activities, as required

Job requirements

Job-Related experience: at least 3 years Financial and contract management
Secondary education diploma giving access to university studies, 

Spanish - very good written and spoken – Level C2
English – very good written and spoken – Level C2


▪ Règlement financier et procédures financières
▪ Contrôle et rapports budgétaires
▪ Règles et procédures concernant les subventions
▪ Règles et procédures concernant la préparation des contrats
▪ Suivi des contrats
▪ Règles et procédures concernant les activités de récupération
◦ Règles et procédures d'audit
▪ Techniques et procédures d'archivage
▪ Règles et procédures concernant la gestion des documents au sein de la
◦ Outils informatiques pour la FINANCE, le BUDGET, les CONTRATS et la
▪ ABAC Accounting
▪ ABAC Contracts
▪ ABAC Workflow
◦ Archives, systèmes et outils de gestion des documents• Budget, Finance & Contracts


• Analysing and Problem Solving
◦ Ability to conceptualise problems, identify and implement solutions
◦ Capacity to analyse and structure information
◦ Numeracy
• Communicating
◦  Ability to understand and be understood
◦  Ability to communicate technical or specialized information
◦  Writing skills
• Delivering Quality and Results
◦ Ability to identify user needs
◦ Ability to work proactively and independently
◦ Attention to detail and precision
◦ Financial management skills
• Prioritization and organization of priorities
◦ Ability to provide services in a structured manner
• Working with Others
◦ Ability to work in a team
◦ Knowledge sharing
◦ Sociability skills
Job Environment
Organisational entity

Type: Delegation / Representation
Size: 25
Gender balance (within the entity): balanced team

Presentation of the entity:

The Directorate General for Development and Cooperation is responsible for designing EU development policies and for the implementation of the Commission's external aid instruments.

Job related issues

[ ] Atypical working hours


[X] Frequent, i.e. 2 or more missions / month
[X] Long duration, i.e. missions lasting more than a week

Workplace, health & safety related issues

[ ] Noisy environment
[ ] Physical effort / materials handling
[ ] Work with chemicals / biological materials
[ ] Radioprotection area
[ ] Use of personal protective equipment
[ ] Other

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