Delegation of the European Union to Colombia

Statement by the Spokesperson on the Truth Commission to be established in Colombia

Bruxelles, 05/06/2015 - 08:04, UNIQUE ID: 150605_02
Statements by the Spokesperson


The publication by the Government of Colombia and the FARC of a detailed report on the setting-up of the Commission for Truth, Peaceful Coexistence and Non Repetition is a welcome step in the peace negotiations. It is particularly significant that victims will be playing a central role in this process.

Establishing the truth, acknowledging the suffering endured by victims, as well as recognising the various individual or collective responsibilities in the human rights violations and infractions to international humanitarian law will help heal the wounds of violence, promote non-repetition and pave the way towards a more peaceful and reconciled society.

The EU looks forward to the prompt establishment of the Commission upon conclusion of the peace agreement, and stands ready to share its experience in this field and support the work of the Commission. The EU reiterates its support for Colombia's on-going efforts to put an end to the internal conflict.