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11th Edition of the European Union Film Festival in China opens in Beijing

17/10/2018 - 12:20
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The 11th annual European Union Film Festival in China will open at the Poly International Cinema, Tiananmen Square, Beijing. As with past editions, the event is organized by the Delegation of the European Union to China to showcase the creative cinema of all 28 European Union member states. The EU Film Festival stands as one of the most iconic regular European cultural events in China.  

This year, the EU Film Festival in China presents more than 30 movies and 200 total screenings held in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jinan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, a veritable feast for filmgoers of all tastes.

EU Ambassador Nicolas Chapuis said, "Our idea is for the audience not only to enjoy an unforgettable movie, but also to understand the diverse culture, history and social issues of the various countries of European Union. In so doing, the EUFF has worked closely with all 28 member states of the European Union to bring to you the most prestigious and distinctive European films."


Opening Title: “Happy As Lazzaro”

Attending the opening ceremony are guests representing international and Chinese media, film industry executives and creatives. Welcoming them are ambassadors and high-level diplomats from the European Union, proud to present their country's best new films on screen and promote the continuing long-term exchange of culture between Europe and China. Since 2008, the EU Film Festival in China has served as an important cultural bridge, bringing films across the Eurasian continent to delight new audiences in China. Ms. Themis Christophidou, the European Commission Director General for Education and Culture also attends the opening ceremony.    

The evening of the opening ceremony features a screening of the film “Happy As Lazzaro”, starting the film festival on a high note. This new Italian film has already captured the attention of the Chinese entertainment media and film critics, receiving praise as one of the greatest new films from Europe in recent years. The festival organizers have invited the young stars of the film, Adriano Tardiolo and Luca Chikovani, to come to Beijing to meet with the enthusiastic audience. With his debut in “Happy As Lazzaro”, Adriano Tardiolo has rapidly become popular with Chinese fans of international cinema, receiving the nickname “Little Angel” in media reports. His co-star, Luka Chikovani, is no stranger to fame, already popular on social media in Europe as a versatile musician. They are both honoured to present their film in China.       


This year's greatest new European films

2018 stands out as a banner year, dedicated as the “EU-China Tourism Year” and the “European Year of Cultural Heritage”. In celebration, a special section of several films representing powerful elements of cultural heritage in Europe has been added to supplement the 28 films representing each European Union member state. This special section showcases the rich cultural heritage of Europe, and intends to evoke viewers' thoughts on how cultural heritage may be protected and preserved.  

Surpassing all previous editions, this year’s EU Film Festival in China includes an even greater number of award winners and nominees from the finest film festivals in Europe including the Festival de Cannes and the Berlinale. “Cold War”, which received the Best Director Award at Cannes; “Happy As Lazzaro”, winner of Best Screenplay; “Dogman”, winner of Best Male Lead Actor and the Palm Dog Award for best dog. Cannes Award nominee “Leto” and French media favorite “At War” received much attention this year in Europe, and are set to make an enormous impact in China as well. Berlinale competition film “Transit” also comes to China with high expectations. And of course, there is the new audiovisual treatise on cinema itself by the legendary Jean-Luc Godard: “Le Livre d’image” (The Image Book).

In its mission to present the historical and artistic legacy of European cinema as well as the modern zeitgeist, the EU Film Festival in China strives for a balance in the selection of films. Four classics of world cinema are included as a reminder of the high standards set by past masters. The satirical comedy at the vanguard of the Czech new wave - Milos Forman’s “The Firemen’s Ball”; the pivotal chronicle of Estonian history - “Kevade”(Spring);  Best Foreign Language Film Oscar Winner - “Babette’s Feast”; and timeless ode to the joy of life - “Zorba The Greek”. From these cinema classics, the lineup leaps to startling newcomers chosen from special competition section favorites at the Festival de Cannes: the weird and wonderful football odyssey - “Diamantino”;  another novel approach to football from Romania -“Infinite Football”; the semi-animated documentary - “Chris The Swiss”, which strikes with the blunt cruelty of war; and the raucous comedy - “Heavy Trip”, which evokes the humor found in the darkest metal music. Other outstanding films not to miss include the critically acclaimed first feature “One Day”, and a duo of documentaries on two of the world's most creative fashion designers, “Westwood” and “McQueen”.   


The Festival expands to seven cities

The 2018 edition of the European Union Film Festival in China extends to eleven commercial cinemas in seven major cities, more than ever before! For the convenience of the audience, tickets are available for reservation and purchase on the popular online mobile ticketing platform “Maoyan”.

This year's cinemas and dates are as follows:



November 21 through November 26, in Chengdu, PALACE CINEMA, SINO-OCEAN TAIKOO LI

November 28 through December 03, in Jinan, PALACE CINEMA, HENGLONG SQUARE

December 04 through December 09, in Nanjing, LUMIÈRE NANJING HEXI GOLDEN EAGLE WORLD CINEMA

December 11 through December 16, in Hangzhou, PREMIERE BROADWAY CINEMA, KERRY CENTER HANGZHOU

December 15 through December 23, in Shenzhen, BROADWAY CINEMATHEQUE SHENZHEN

The films presented come as the result of a highly refined selection process involving positive communication with the national film offices of each of the European Union member states, as well as major sales agents and distributors across Europe and China. These include DDDream, IQIYI, Lemon Tree, Hugoeast, Times Vision, Time-In-Portrait, among others. Strong collaboration between many partners and many wonderful cinemas is what it takes to bring this resplendent plethora of new European films to the world's biggest and best audience!

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