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EU funded bridge between Afghanistan and Tajikistan a symbol of hope in times of challenges

05/05/2021 - 15:08
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To contribute to regional economic development and deepen integration between Afghanistan and Tajikistan, especially in their border regions, the European Union is funding a cross-border bridge between Ai-Khanoum Port and Kokul. The EU is also funding a cross-border market, improving roads and providing support to farmers and local businesses, to boost trade and the socioeconomic development in the region.


On the 4th of May, the EU met with implementing partners KFW and Aga Khan Development Network and government representatives from Afghanistan, including Minister of Economy H.E Dr Karima Hamed Faryabi, and Tajikistan, including Minister of Transport H.E Azim Ibrohim, to take stock of progress made so far and assess remaining challenges.

“The EU connects people, this time through the construction of a cross-border bridge between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The EU strongly supports regional integration of Afghanistan, a crucial aspect in furthering peace and prosperity. This bridge is much more than a piece of concrete. In these difficult times, it is a symbol of hope that brings people together – to trade and exchange across borders. It shows that Afghanistan is not alone.” 

-Andreas Von Brandt, EU Ambassador to Afghanistan

Improving infrastructure and providing an enabling environment for local businesses in the region is part of a wider package in the EU’s cooperation portfolio with Afghanistan in support of regional integration. Recently the EU and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan signed an agreement with the objective to provide reliable and affordable access to clean energy for households and enterprises in the Badakhshan province.


Fact box: EU support to regional economic development and integration

As part of the project “Supporting Cooperation and Opportunity for Regional economic Development” (SCORED) the EU is injecting more than 15 000 000 euros in the Afghan-Tajik border regions, to accelerate the economic development and deepen integration. Working with the Aga Khan Development Network and the Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KFW) through the PATRIP foundation, the works planned for 2017 to 2022 include construction of cross-border bridge at Ai-Khanoum port; construction of cross-border market and convention centre near Ai Khanoum landing stage and road improvement of an access road to the bridge on the Tajik side. Through the Aga Khan Development Network, the EU is also providing technical support to farmers and Micro & Small enterprises (MSES).


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