Delegation of the European Union to China

EU Statements delivered at the IAEA Board of Governors on 1-5 March 2021 in Vienna

Vienna, 01/03/2021 - 15:06, UNIQUE ID: 210301_16
Statements on behalf of the EU

EU Statement on the IAEA and the COVID-19 Pandemic

PDF icon03._eu_statement_on_the_iaea_and_the_covid-19_pandemic_final.pdf


EU Statement on Nuclear and Radiation Safety: Nuclear Safety Review 2021

PDF icon04.eu_statement_on_nuclear_safety_review_2021_final.pdf


EU Statement on strengthening the Agency's activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications: Nuclear Technology Review 2021

PDF icon05.eu_statement_on_nuclear_technology_review_2021_final.pdf


EU Statement on the conclusion of safeguards agreement and of additional protocols

PDF icon7a._eu_statement_on_iaea_safeguards_final.pdf


EU Statement on the application of safeguards in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

PDF icon07c.eu_statement_on_dprk_final.pdf


EU Statement on the implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement in the Syrian Arab Republic

PDF icon07d.eu_statement_on_syria_final.pdf


EU Statement on NPT Safeguards Agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran

PDF icon7e.eu_statement_on_npt_safeguards_agreement_with_the_islamic_republic_of_iran_final.pdf


EU Statement on verification and monitoring in the Islamic Republic of Iran in light of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 (2015)

PDF icon6.eu_statement_on_monitoring_and_verification_in_irn_unscr_22312015_final.pdf


EU Statement on the implementation of the resolution on the Middle East adopted at the 1995 NPT Review Conference

PDF icon09.eu_statement_on_applications_of_safeguards_in_the_me_final.pdf


EU Statement on the Israeli Nuclear Capabilities

PDF icon09.eu_statement_on_inc_final.pdf