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European investments in Cameroon: An important contribution to industrialization and development

22/10/2020 - 12:31
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The European Union in Cameroon publishes a brochure presenting European business activities in Cameroon as well as initiatives funded by the EU and its Member States to support Cameroonian entrepreneurial spirit.

For decades, Cameroon and the European Union have been partners in trade, development cooperation and political relations, all of them built on the bases of common aims and fundamental values such as the respect of Human Rights and rule of law, as well as security principles.

We continue to work together to address our collective global challenges because in truth, our continents need each other. Africa is the fastest growing continent in the world but, to create enough jobs, it needs further regional integration and private sector involvement. The new Africa – Europe Alliance advocates for a gradual shift from traditional aid towards an increased support to the private sector, and facilitation of trade and investment.

We believe that the private sector holds the largest potential for generating inclusive jobs and sustainable growth. It is therefore essential to boost socially responsible private investments – both domestic and foreign, in Cameroon and in the EU. In Cameroon, the European Union and its Member states remain the largest grant donor and trade partner for the country, offering mutual benefits such as preferential market access via the Economic Partnership Agreement. Many EU companies are doing business in Cameroon, creating jobs and bringing added value by offering new services and products. Altogether, we advocate for an improved business climate in Cameroon, and we provide funding support in the shape of grants and technical assistance, loans, and business intelligence to the private sector, all with the aim to generate sustainable growth and jobs and to further integrate the Cameroonian economy into the world market.

With this brochure, the EU Delegation to Cameroon is pleased to give you an overview of European business activities in Cameroon, demonstrating their positive impact in the national economy, be it in terms of investments, job creation, fiscal revenues, knowledge transfer and more. At the same time, this brochure summarises in one clear snapshot all the initiatives funded by the EU and its Member States to support the great Cameroonian entrepreneurial spirit in an inclusive manner.

We hope this information will be useful to you. We provided direct contacts for each initiative, so please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know about your projects and aspirations.


Hans-Peter Schadek,

Ambassador Head of Delegation to Cameroon & Equatorial Guinea



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