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Webinar: Bernini to Balla - 6 August @ 6:20 PM

05/08/2020 - 02:34
Visual arts

The third event in the series "Truth, Power and Desire: a journey through the emotions in Italian Art History", a series of webinars to be held by the Italian Art Historian, Prof. Costantino D'Orazio.

The history of art can be told from many different points of view: by studying techniques, movements, commission projects, languages or styles. In this conference the Art Historian Costantino D’Orazio follows another path. He invites us to complete a journey through time, from antiquity to today, to understand how artists depicted Desire and Delirium.

From the inventions of the Baroque to the revolutions of Romanticism, right up to the provocations of the 1900’s, art has delved into the emotions of women and men developing symbols and characters which tell their story.

This is a free event organised with the IIC SYDNEY, in collaboration with Associazione Culturale 5 SENSI.

Held in ENGLISH.

Thursday August 6, 6:20PM