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EU Delegation supports TV programme that makes staying at home easier – and inspiring

06/04/2020 - 14:23

Ambassador Samuel Žbogar contributed himself to the ASTROROOM TV show with a personal interview, speaking about books, hobbies, memories, values… He inevitably referred to the challenges imposed by the corona crisis on the world and the individual, but also the lessons that can be drawn from this situation and help make the planet a better place.


In times when staying at home and keeping social distance is a global imperative for prevention of the spread of Covid-19, the EU Delegation in North Macedonia is supporting the production of a series of online interviews with renowned persons from the world of culture. Guests are given the floor to share their thoughts about the value of literature and art in general, a topic not too frequent in the media nowadays, but of great importance in an unprecedented situation like this, when books and creativity can help us turn home confinement into a useful experience.

Ambassador Samuel Žbogar was a guest in the second episode, giving an interview that through a smile he described as the most difficult one, as it differs from the political interviews he is used to give.

If, in addition to the importance of culture for the EU, you want to know which book the Ambassador is currently reading (and thus get some inspiration), how he gets through his daily work from home, who are the people who influenced him the most, what will be his takeaways from the country, how he benefits from being out in the nature, what is the value of family support, and finally, how one can benefit from self-reflection, have a look at the video.


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