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EC-Link Project and Weihai Municipality to support “Weihai Delicate City” Development

Brussels, 15/10/2019 - 08:01, UNIQUE ID: 191015_1
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On September 27, 2019, EC-Link project organized the “China Weihai Delicate City Construction Summit Forum”; hosted by the Weihai Municipal Government and co-organized by the Weihai Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Forum has been the occasion to re-affirm Weihai strong commitment towards green and urban sustainable development.

Following President Xi Jinping’s instructions during his past visit, requiring Weihai to further develop towards a "Delicate City”, Weihai Municipality has organized a set of initiatives, events and exhibitions culminated with the organization of this international forum attended by Mr. ZHANG Haibo, Deputy Party Secretary and the Mayor of Weihai Municipality, Mr. ZHOU Yongdi, Vice Mayor of Weihai Municipality and by Mr. Wang Qing, Secretary General of Weihai Municipality.

The Forum has seen the participation of nearly 1000 people, gathered to listen, exchange and lean how to support and further improve the future development of “Weihai Delicate City”.

As expressed, also by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the concept of delicate city in China is crucial; China's green urbanization faces two basic tasks: first, how Chinese citizen can be urbanized in a green way; second, how the existing cities formed in the era of traditional industrialization can become sustainable through green transformation that injects vigor into the economy. The concept of “delicate city” wants to affirm the importance of reshaping China's urbanization based on ecological civilization and no longer relying on quantitative urban expansion, and making green urbanization a driver for green transformation of Chinese economy towards high-quality development.

All above key elements have been deeply analyzed by eminent professors attending the Forum, such as Zhao Yanjing, Zhao Jiang, Shen Qingji, and many others. They all affirmed the importance to optimize resources; the importance of proper planning and constant management, of changing prospective and creating smooth synergies among multiple sectors; and finally stressing the responsibility that we all have in building a better urbanization in China.

EC-Link Project has been supporting for years Chinese municipalities helping them in drafting, designing and developing urban sustainable plans meant to reshape and move from the traditional concept of urbanization towards a new paradigm based on green and people-oriented urbanization.

This was achieved based on years of missions, study tours, city to city exchange, trainings meant to support a more stringent and effective dialogue between Europe and China.

In order to further support such exchange of knowledge, EC-Link Project initiated an online Platform, also presented during the Weihai Forum; the Platform is the only cross-sector interdisciplinary online community to link major stakeholders in Europe and China; a unique information tool promoting and sharing advanced European and Chinese experience for sustainable urban development.

The Platform can be easily accessed via EC-Link website, and allows all major stakeholders (public officials, professors, companies, etc.) to have an open area supporting free dialogue and exchange of ideas on sustainable urbanization in Europe and China.

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