Delegation of the European Union to China

EU delegation in China hosts workshop to improve coordination of research on pig diseases

Beijing, China, 11/03/2019 - 09:28, UNIQUE ID: 190311_8
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On 12 March 2019 a workshop to improve coordination of research on pig diseases, in particular African swine fever (ASF) organized by the European Union, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), and the international research consortium STAR-IDAZ* will be held in Beijing

The workshop will bring together experts in animal health diseases and research policy to share knowledge and experience on developing control strategies and collaborating to find solutions to the threat of ASF and other pig diseases..

Alex Morrow, coordinator of STAR-IDAZ, stresses that: “This is an important initiative, bringing scientists from China and Europe together to share knowledge and collaborate on working together to control an extremely serious animal disease problem.”

China has the world’s largest population of pigs, making up nearly 50% of the global herd. ASF appeared for the first time in China in August 2018.  In Europe it has been spreading from the east westwards since 2014.

ASF is a severe viral disease of pigs that is highly infectious. Currently there is no vaccine available. ASF poses a serious threat to the livelihood of farmers, trade and meat supply.

The workshop will review the current ASF situation in Europe and China, and the research needs on ASF control as identified by the Global ASF Research Alliance (GARA). It will also consider a roadmap on vaccine development, epidemiology and disease control strategies to control the disease.


*STAR-IDAZ is an international  consortium  of research funders and programme owners, aiming to maximise funding for coordinated animal health research supported by the European Commission (for more info see at:.

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