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Strengthen 2 indigenous NSA to support the Yi minority in Butuo county (China's alarmingly high HIV infected county) to take control of the epidemic

22/08/2018 - 00:00
Public Health and Social Protection

The overall objective of the project is to promote an inclusive, equitable and empowered society in China in the context of sustainable development.

Development and Cooperation Section


Strengthen 2 Indigenous NSA to Support the Yi minority in Butuo County (China's alarmingly high HIV infected county) to take Control of the epidemic.

Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development is a European Union initiative that aims at strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations and local authorities as a pre-condition for a more equitable and open society through support to their “own initiatives”.


Project Overall Objectives

To promote an inclusive, equitable and empowered society in China in the context of sustainable development.

Specific Objectives

To strengthen the role and capacity of 2 Chinese NSAs to reach out, represent and protect the Yi minority exposed to alarming HIV infection. To uphold the structured and meaningful participation of Chinese NSAs in decision making at the local level.


Estimated Project Results        

  • Built or improved institutional and technical capacity and professionalization of two NSAs and their > 250 staff.
  • Increased access to quality HIV prevention and care services by 100,000 vulnerable and marginalised groups.
  • Increased involvement of NSA and civil society (in particular marginalized and vulnerable groups) in the policy-making process for HIV care, support and testing (CST).
  • Progressive transfer of capacities of Liangshan Yi for Empowerment Centre and Butuo Women Federation to village and township level government as well as to CDC and public health bureau.
  • Establishment of quality partnership between Humana People to People Baltic, 2 Chinese NSA and national to local health system in China.
  • Promotion of policy change for HIV care, support and testing.


Main Programme Activities                  

  • Bi-annual training and mentoring of both NSAs and quarterly action review meetings
  • Programme trainings for workers, persons being treated, village doctors and township clinics and trainings to raise awareness among women and vulnerable people
  • House-to-House health education and home-based VCT
  • Quarterly government meetings
  • Establishment of 80 Positive Living Clubs (PLC) and village Health Groups
  • Syphilis rapid Testing.


Contact Details in the EU Delegation

Victor Giner

Attaché – EU Cooperation


Total Cost (EUR): 953 228.46

EU contracted amount (EUR): 700 000

Duration: January 2014 - June 2017


Funding Instrument: Non State Actors (NSA)

Benefitting zone: China

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