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EU public lecture series kicks off in Hangzhou with China expert François Godement

Beijing, 11/12/2017 - 07:52, UNIQUE ID: 171212_4
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The Delegation of the European Union to China today launched the first of its public lecture series in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. The event, together with a similar lecture to be held in Peking University on Friday, 15 December, aims to engage Chinese university students to gain a thorough understanding of the EU’s role as a global actor and to join in conversations about EU-China collaboration. After the successful 2015-16 EU-China public lectures series, this launch marks the initiation of a new series of 20 lectures supported by the Delegation of the European Union to China as part of its two-year #ExperienceEurope initiative bringing the EU closer to Chinese audiences.


Professor François Godement, Asia Programme Director and Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, and an acclaimed historian, will discuss the role of the EU as a Global Actor during these lectures.

Professor Godement remarked: “The EU is the world’s best example of regional integration and institution-building. Beyond its first and long-lasting achievement – building peace and providing a model for peaceful resolution of disputes – it has become a very complex structure that never stops changing and introducing new features. But it is sometimes misunderstood – either as just another regional organization, or as a new big power in the conventional sense. Europe’s action relies on two legs – the common institutions and the member states. Its external influence and global role rely on capacities for crisis management and intermediation, but also on the hard defense assets of member states and the increasingly important joint defense policy. Most of all, the EU believes sustainable development and attention to humanitarian concerns are equally important as conventional defense to prevent crises from erupting and to solve regional conflicts. As such, Europe can be an international bridge with China. Clarity in Europe’s values and actions is essential to achieve meaningful cooperation”.

Mr. Godement, a long-time professor at France’s National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations and at Sciences Po (Paris), has been associated with the European Council on Foreign Relations since 2008. He advises national and international organizations, and his publications can mainly be found at


Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, Ambassador of the European Union to China, welcomed the launch of the lecture series: “I am very pleased to see a new series of activities start under the #ExperienceEurope initiative. I hope that these lectures and the expert speakers will reach many thousands of university students interested in the European Union and help them gain a deeper understanding of the values and actions of the EU, which will hopefully lead to ever-closer relations between the EU and China in the future.”


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About #ExperienceEurope

Over May 2017-April 2019, the #ExperienceEurope campaign by the Delegation of the European Union to China will entertain Chinese audiences as it informs them about the history, policies, values, economy, culture and lifestyle of the EU, its 28 Member States and its 500 million citizens through a series of 24 monthly topics in the form of social media posts, online competitions, podcasts, infographics, and animated videos. The overall #ExperienceEurope campaign will also feature cultural events, four large policy forums, and a series of public lectures on issues such as peace and prosperity, the environment, education, trade, and many other topics of interest.

About the European Union Delegation to China

The European Union Delegation to China was established in 1988 and is located in Beijing. It conducts official relations between the European Union and China and seeks to deepen EU-China cooperation and exchanges in all fields. To improve outreach to Chinese audiences, in May 2017, the EU Delegation launched a new social media campaign titled #ExperienceEurope. Use the following QR code to follow the #ExperienceEurope WeChat campaign account or follow the EU on Weibo (Weibo handle: @欧盟在中国).

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