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EU and China organize a High level seminar on River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management in Beijing

Beijing, 04/12/2017 - 09:48, UNIQUE ID: 171204_4
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On 6-7 December 2017, the European Union and China will organize a new high level seminar on "River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management" in Beijing. The event aims at reinforcing exchanges between China and the European Union, under the framework of the China- Europe Water Platform (CEWP) and the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation. The event will be organized by the French International Office for Water and the Chinese Ministry of Water Resources, with the collaboration of the French embassy and the Delegation of the European Union to China.

In the context of the pressing challenge of climate change, water management has become an important issue for both partners. Common challenges are in fact at stake both in China and in the EU concerning water quality and water scarcity, in a context of growing urbanisation and sustained economic development. There is thus an important potential for collaboration and shared learning, for improving water cooperation among China and the EU. China is on the other hand showing a strong global leadership in the fields of environment and climate change, and has set ambitious goals at national level.

This high-level event will draw attention on the integrated management of water resources at basin level and related issues such as the improvement of local water quality, and the management and restoration of local ecosystems and biodiversity through environment protection and restoration. It will also include interventions from the Ministries of Environment from Finland, Portugal, and Estonia, as well as from the University of Evora- Portugal, the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), and the French Seine-Normandy Basin agency. Additionally, seven Chinese river basin commissions will participate, among which the commissions of Hai, Changjiang and Taihu basins.

The seminar, financed with the support of the Partnership Instrument of the European Union, will provide different opportunities for participants to exchange on know-how, management and innovative solutions available to address specific water challenges linked to river basin management, drawing on best practices. The outcomes of these two days will guide further discussions on the current water policy dialogue between European and Chinese actors, and aims at supporting medium term synergies between technicians, academics and decision makers on River Basin Integrated Water Resources Management.

Background information: The China- Europe Water Platform (CEWP) was established in 2012 and aims at strengthening water cooperation between the EU and China. The EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation explicitly supports the EU-China Water Platform so as to "promote water policy dialogue, enhance joint scientific research and business cooperation with a view to addressing water challenges such as water quantity (water scarcity, drought, ground water, urban water systems, water and security nexus), water use efficiency (water recycling, industrial water use, water and food nexus, water and energy nexus), water quality (pollution reduction, river basin management), and water disasters." For additional information:

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