Delegation of the European Union to China

An energetic celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in Beijing !

Beijing, China, 28/03/2017 - 08:46, UNIQUE ID: 170328_14
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To celebrate the 60 years of the EU and demonstrate that this is not the time to think about retirement but rather promote a healthy life style, the Agriculture, Health and Food Safety Section of the EU Delegation to China organised an indoor cycling event of 60 minutes for 60 people on Friday 24 March evening in cooperation with Space Cycle, a famous sport club located close to the EU premises.

The session was opened by Chris Wood, EU deputy Ambassador, and attended by 60 participants from the 28 EU Member States, Chinese nationals but also by Mexicans, Canadians, Americans, Swiss, Norwegians, and many others under the guidance of Ayisha, coach native from Australia.

This friendly team cycled with great enthusiasm during one hour following the diabolic rhythm of the music, which included of course a remixed version of the EU anthem.

Happy Birthday Ms EU! We all wish you a very long and happy life!

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