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EU and Mongolia cooperation in radiation safety launched successfully

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 13/01/2017 - 03:24, UNIQUE ID: 170113_9
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PROJECT TITLE:    Regulatory regime for nuclear safety and enhancing radiation safety and nuclear safeguards in Mongolia (INSC MN3.01/12)

13/01/2017, Ulaanbaatar – Today, the European Union launched a cooperation project with the Mongolian Nuclear Energy Commission (NEC). The aim of the cooperation is to enhance the capabilities of the Mongolian regulatory authority in the areas of radiation safety and nuclear safeguards and to promote regulatory standards and practices in Mongolia in accordance with EU and best international practices.

The EU and Mongolia have chosen a consortium led by RISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International (France), GRS (Germany), WISUTEC (Germany), IRSN (France) and the Directorate of Health, Ministry of Health (Luxembourg) to implement the project. 

More than 10 highly experienced EU technical and scientific experts held a series of kick-off meetings with their Mongolian counterparts laying the groundwork for an intensive two-year work programme.

The project “Regulatory regime for nuclear safety and enhancing radiation safety and nuclear safeguards in Mongolia (INSC MN3.01/12)” is based on the contract 2016/379-203, and started on 01 November 2016, between the EC and RISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International (GEIE).

The following results are expected from the project:

  • Strengthening of the regulatory framework and infrastructure to ensure the safety and security of radioactive sources;
  • Review of national arrangements and infrastructure for radioactive waste management;
  • Secure long-term safe management of a damaged irradiator
  • Establishment of a national system for accounting and control of nuclear materials;
  • Development of a regulatory framework for management of naturally occurring radioactive materials;
  • Development of a radiation emergency preparedness and response plan.

This project is of high importance to Mongolia as it ensures compliance with international best practice in radiation safety to the benefit of the Mongolian people. Extensive on-the-job training for Mongolian professionals in various countries, know-how transfer and capacity building are part of the project.

The project is funded by the European Union under the Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC). Assistance under the INSC involves, in alia, support for nuclear regulatory bodies and operators of nuclear facilities, support for safe transport, treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, support for development of decommissioning strategies, prevention of accidents with radiological consequences, and promoting international cooperation.

Project Facts

Project Title: entitled “Regulatory Regime for Nuclear Safety and Enhancing Radiation Safety and Nuclear Safeguards in Mongolia”

Project Duration: 24 months

For more information on this project:

EU: Mr Martin Andersen, Programme Manager(INSC),

NEC: Mr Enkhgerel Nyamdavaa, Project Leader,

RISKAUDIT: Mr Miha Lenic, Project Manager,

For more information on the EU in Mongolia:           

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