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West Africa Private Sector Competitiveness Support Programme

04/01/2019 - 19:57
Regional overview

The main objective of this project is to improve regional private sector competitiveness through the facilitation of trade and investment, and the establishment of a regional quality infrastructure system in the West African region.

Expected results:

  • Component 1: Improved Business and Investment Climate in West Africa;
  • Component 2: Support for the implementation of the ECOWAS Quality Policy.


Main activities:

  • Detailed assessment of investment entry into the region;
  • Development of a scorecard of economic and statistical data, and legal issues related to investments;
  • Strengthened the capacity of the regional organizations and member countries to better address issues identified for investment policy reforms and transfer pricing diagnostics and assistance;
  • Conduct of a detailed assessment of the demand for QI services in the region;
  • Awareness creation and capacity building supporting Regional Organizations (RO) and member states in developing legal documents relating to consumer protection;
  • Support the development of standardisation procedures and the promotion of the standards as well as training of staff of National Standards Bodies;
  • Design and establishment of the Regional Accreditation System (RAS);
  • Workshop for ECOWAS and Member States' organized to develop the National Action Plans/Reform Agendas held in Dakar, Senegal;
  • The formulation of the first technical activities devoted to supporting meetings on the harmonization of regional standards;
  • Organization of a mission for ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions on the European quality system; 


Main accomplishments to date:

  • Completion of the Scorecard Tool Design and use in selected countries with a strong public-private dialogue (PPD) engagement process;
  • Detailed review of transfer pricing legal and administrative frameworks of 13 ECOWAS countries conducted + recommendations provided;
  • Reviewed national investment codes of  Member States’ in light of draft ECOWAS IP Framework to identify gaps;
  • Drafting a baseline document relating to the state of quality infrastructure in the countries and the collection of national data in order to set up a regional database on quality;
  • Development of national quality policies in West Africa and preparation of action plans for implementation;
  • Organization of a mission for ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions on the European quality system;
  • Legal texts to set up the structures of the Quality Infrastructure Scheme of ECOWAS adopted by the ministers of Member States in charge of quality, specifically the setting up of the ECOWAS Agency for Quality (ECOQUAL);
  • Promotion of the ECOWAS Regional Accreditation System started with NINAS & SOAC (sensitization on accreditation at ministerial level in Côte d’Ivoire & Mali);
  • Support to regional standards , harmonisation committees and accreditation bodies;
  • The 1st edition of the ECOWAS Quality Award held on the 30th of June, 2017 in Abidjan;
  • The regulation for the operationalization of the West African Quality Infrastructure adopted by the ECOWAS council of Ministers in May 2017. 



Source of funds:   10th EDF (CRIS ref: 2012 / 024-130)

Total budget (EUR):    20M

Implementing period:  5 years

Implementing agencies:  IFC and UNIDO 

Geographical region:   West Africa

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