Delegation of the European Union to Chile

Chile and Europol sign working arrangement on security matters

22/06/2021 - 22:55

The Ministry of Interior and Public Security of Chile and Europol signed a formal Working Arrangement to expand and deepen collaboration on security matters. During a virtual signature, Mr Rodrigo Delgado Mocarquer, Minister of Interior and Public Security, exchanged the signed Arrangement with Europol’s Executive Director, Ms Catherine De Bolle.

The Working Arrangement formalises the cooperation between the police forces of Chile and Europol to support the the European Union and Chile in preventing and combating serious crime. Additionally, it establishes the modalities of cooperation, including the exchange of information.

It will allow Chile to be connected to the secure communication network of Europol (SIENA), enabling the Chilean authorities to communicate with Europol and all EU Member States and partners. In addition, this Working Arrangement will allow the sending of Chilean liaison officer(s) to the headquarters of Europol in The Hague, the Netherlands.

On the occasion of this signature, Mr Delgado Mocarquer, said: “As a government, we know the importance of information sharing regarding security nowadays. Organized crime, drug trafficking or other types of crimes today require a comprehensive analysis and accordingly international cooperation plays a preponderant role. This is why it is vital that our police has this type of instruments at its disposal, which not only help to prosecute criminals, but also generate a joint work of the police”.

Executive Director De Bolle emphasised “Europol welcomes the Working Arrangement with the Ministry of Interior and Public Security of Chile. This represents an important step towards reinforcing Europol’s cooperation with Latin America in the prevention and combat of serious organised crime and terrorism”.

For his part, the Ambassador/Head of Delegation of the European Union to Chile, Leon de la Torre Krais, stressed that “this agreement illustrates the commitment of the EU to strengthen relations with Chile in the face of common challenges and to expand an already substantial cooperation in the field of security and fight against trafficking”.

The Working Arrangement entered into force on 1 May 2021.

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