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21 March is the International Day of Forests

09/03/2021 - 16:08
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We celebrate it also here, in Rome

Healthy trees and forests mean healthy people. Forests provide health benefits for everyone on the planet, from fresh air and nutritious foods and ingredients for medicine to clean water and space for recreation.

The European Union is developing a new Forest Strategy as part of the European Green Deal. The strategy will also be aimed at ensuring healthy and resilient forests that contribute significantly to biodiversity and climate goals, reduce and respond to natural disasters, secure livelihoods and support a circular bioeconomy and rural communities

Citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to the new Strategy by participating in the public consultation on the matter:

To celebrate this day, FAO have decided to organize a photo contest. To enter, you need to take a photo of the closest tree to your home that makes you feel better or adds to your wellbeing and follow the simple instructions at the contest webpage:  

Here, in Rome, we are particularly attached to the trees near our Delegation:


And those on the Aventino Hill:

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