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International cooperation to address challenges faced by seafarers

02/12/2020 - 15:04
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Seafarers are truly indispensable key workers. They are the ones transporting essential goods: the food on our plates, the fuel for buses and cars. The medicines and equipment that doctors use in our hospitals to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and other illnesses. They are the ones moving global trade. Yet today many seafarers are stranded on board their ships.


The EU welcomes the adoption on 1st December of the UN Resolution on seafarers and the recognition of their essential work.

Seafarers are transporting essential goods such as food and medicines. And yet today hundreds of thousands of seafarers are stranded on board their ships. This threatens their health, their lives and the safety of vessels they serve on, as well as the marine environment around the world. It also risks severe disruptions to supply chains and international trade, which are more essential than ever during these difficult times.

This resolution is a clear commitment to making sure that seafarers be able to travel and transit both to return home and to embark to relieve their colleagues.

Regular changeovers require states across the globe to work together and ease travel restrictions for maritime crews. These are a precondition for safe maritime traffic worldwide and hence global trade flows.