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European Union and Culture Fund step up support to Zimbabwe’s creative sector

04/08/2020 - 12:08
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The European Union in partnership with the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe has stepped up its support to the creative sector in Zimbabwe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust (Culture Fund) in partnership with the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe continues to support the creative sector in Zimbabwe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

CreativeACTIONs will award grants to new and innovative projects from artists, cultural practitioners, institutions and private operators involved in creative industries.

A total of 131 eligible and highly competitive proposals (104 under Lot 1-bigger grants) and (27 under Lot 2-smaller grants) were received. Culture Fund and EU Zimbabwe awarded an initial 9 grants worth a total of USD117416 out of an available USD300, 000. Another call for proposals will be announced at the end of the year.

Grantees will soon commence implementation of their creative activities - sensitive to on-going COVID-9 measures.

The grantees are:

LOT 1:

PROJECT SUMMARY: Empowering the Next Generation of Women in Music

The Sisterhood Music Training Project aims to train 63 young females artists in music recording and production, audio engineering, live performance and instruments, music management and DJ-ing, podcast production and audio production; creating a supportive community for women in music, providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further manage their music business and opportunities. The project expects to strengthen their role in Zimbabwe’s creative sector.

Awarded GRANT: USD13,400.00


PROJECT SUMMARY: Upskilling performing artists for enhanced digital and online engagement.

The project seeks to support capacity building of theatre artists to better engage with digital and online technologies. It will draw participants from Manicaland, Midlands, Matabeleland and Mashonaland West. This initiative has a special focus on digital skills. Implementation will be carried out through virtual and limited person to person master classes and mentorships. 

Awarded GRANT: USD 16,540.00

PROJECT SUMMARY: Hanzvadzi Umnawami

The project aims to use murals as dialogue engaging spaces. It targets high traffic areas such as shopping malls and bus terminals within high density suburbs of Zimbabwe cities such as Harare, Bulawayo and Chitungwiza. It seeks to provoke conversations and interactions around pertinent social issues such as those affecting women and youth. Caligraphers will invite live conversations with the public during the mural paintings.

Awarded GRANT: USD 13,880.00

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Avuxeni Craft centre

The project aims to strengthen creative engagements with 75 artists within the Great Limpopo Heritage Centre ecosystem in Muhlanguleni, Chiredzi. It will offer skills training opportunities in areas such as product quality, marketing and exhibiting techniques to create viable craft businesses that seek sustainable natural resources exploitation. It further aims to improve the livelihoods of creative sector women and youths.

Awarded GRANT: USD 25,360.00

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Enhancing creative, innovative and unique designs among Kunzwana artisans in Chilelema Village in Binga District.

The project seeks to work with women based in Binga; in particular the Chilelema Village visual creative arts hub and ecosystem of traditional folk art. It will tailor product marketing for their intricate basketry weaving, financial literacy and links to micro-financing institutions, livelihood improvement skills training and co-creation platforms for creatively designed and assembled cultural products. The women will also receive training in World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) rules and compliance procedures.

Awarded GRANT: USD 28,200.00


PROJECT SUMMARY:  Simuka Futi/ I Am Funny Too

The project seeks to create opportunities for building a network of up-coming and established comedians from Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru. A workshop and master class are proposed to help strengthen the comedy craft and business skills of selected participants. Mentors will be engaged to coach the participants and help connect them to local and international festivals and events.

Awarded GRANT: USD7,705.00

TOTAL LOT 1 GRANTS USD: 105,085.00

LOT 2:

PROJECT SUMMARY: Hear Ladies Speak

Girls Aloud is a podcast based project that deals with all things women. Podcast episodes will be 30 minutes long and dwell on one specific arts and culture topic; segmented into the host’s topic of the day, the studio guest and a review of comments by the public collected before the episode airs via social media platforms. The podcast host is Nozibelo Maphosa, a blogger and social media follower.

Awarded GRANT: USD3,750.00

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Convergence Zimbabwe

#ConvergenceZW project seeks to create a convergence between artists, venues and audiences. By using photography, blog posts and social media, it puts a spotlight of artistic brands and makes them known to a wider audience and preserves their profiles for reference by present and future generations.

Awarded GRANT: USD4,620.00

PROJECT SUMMARY: The promotion of culture through traditional dances in Chipinge district

The project partners Holland Mphongo Traditional Dance Group with primary school age children in Chikore, Chipinge. It will offer specialist training in Mphongo dance, drumming, and drums preparation for performance skills. 

Awarded GRANT: USD 3,961.00




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