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EU Delegation and UL hold information sessions on scholarship opportunities to study in Europe

03/12/2019 - 13:24
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The EU Delegation in collaboration with the University of Liberia held two information sessions on the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees to encourage more Liberians to apply to study in Europe.


The European Union Delegation in Liberia in collaboration with the University of Liberia has completed two (2) information sessions on the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees program on November 13th 2019 at the Fendell Campus and on November 27th 2019 at the Capitol Hill Campus.


The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (JMD) program, funded by the European Union, provides scholarships opportunities to study in Europe. The program is available to students who have completed undergraduate studies. The Erasmus Mundus JMD is a prestigious, integrated, international study program, lasting between one and two years, delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions. The Erasmus Mundus JMD program awards scholarships to student candidates from Partner Countries around the world, applying under annual selection rounds. Students must study in higher education institutions in at least two different Program Countries. Liberians are eligible to apply.


This year's Erasmus Mundus JMD call for proposals was launched on November 5, 2019. The purpose of the two information sessions held at the Fendell and Capitol Hill Campuses was to inform Liberian students and potential candidates about the Erasmus Mundus JMD: how the program works in practice, and how to apply.


More than 400 students attended both sessions.


Juan Antonio Frutos, Head of Political, Press and Information Section of the EU Delegation, encouraged students to take advantage of these information sessions, and to apply: "We encourage you to apply; we want to see more Liberians applying and benefitting from this program. This opportunity will equip you with valuable skills and competences to contribute to, and impact positively on, Liberia's development."


Professor Geegbae A. Geegbae, Vice President for Institutional Development and Planning at the University of Liberia, encouraged students to apply for the Erasmus Mundus JMD: "We want to thank the EU for this opportunity. We have always encouraged you to prepare yourselves, as opportunities like these are for prepared students. We want you to go there and represent us, not only us but this country. For those of you who will be lucky to go, we want you to return and contribute to the growth and development of our nation."


Lorpu Faith Scott, Education Project Officer of the EU Delegation, explained in detail different aspects of the Erasmus Mundus JMD. She said: "The EU Delegation will help you with any information that you may need on the application process. If you have a question you can call us."


John Mayson, a Liberian former beneficiary of the Erasmus Mundus JMD, called on students to take advantage of this opportunity. He shared with students his own experience, including the process of preparation of his application and travel, and his experience living and studying in 3 European countries (Norway, the UK and Spain). He emphasized: "Read the guidelines, follow the instructions, prepare your documents and apply, because it will not only boost your employment opportunities enormously; it will also aid towards the development of Liberia." Today John holds a JMD in Coastal & Marine Engineering & Management. He is working as a National Consultant for the Government of Liberia on Climate Proofing Investments on the National Action Plan.


In addition to the Erasmus Mundus JMD, Liberian students were also informed about bilateral education programs offered by the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.


Flyers with detailed information, and the links to the websites of the programs, were given to students, who actively participated in the event and were given the opportunity to ask their questions.


For more information on the EU Erasmus Mundus JMD program, please visit:


For more information on bilateral education programs offered by the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, please visit:



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