Delegation of the European Union to Central African Republic

Procurement Tender for the NCRA Primary Data Centre Sierra Leone


The NCRA is the Authority in Sierra Leone responsible for managing Civil Registration and identification services.

In order to manage the civil registration and identity management processes, the NCRA will implement a Primary Data Centre.

On 13 August 2021 the procurement tender for the NCRA Primary Data Centre has been launched.

The procurement tender for the Primary Data Centre is part of the EU funded Technical Assistance project to ‘Support Governance reform in the area of Civil Registration’. The EU Technical Assistance project supports the Government of Sierra Leone with the implementation to the CRVS system in Sierra Leone.

The NCRA and the EU Technical Assistance project jointly defined the technical specifications for the Primary Data Centre. The NCRA Primary Data Centre will host the new NCRA Integrated Civil Registration Information System.

The procurement tender process will be executed by UNOPS.

The procurement tender will remain open until  10 September 2021.

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