La Délégation de l'Union européenne au Canada


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Are you a European SME interested in expanding to Canada? Could your product benefit from the tariff reductions brought about by the free trade agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada? Do you need help navigating CETA to understand what it can do for your business?

The Government of Spain and the European Union welcome the political and financial response from the International Community to the dramatic crisis of over 4 million displaced Venezuelans, which for many years have been hosted and welcomed by neighbouring countries.


The solidarity shown from the countries in the region, has been praised and supported today by their partners and donor countries. They have pledged €2.544 billion to complement and support the efforts already under way from the host communities.


The EU, a product itself of a mosaic of diversity shaped throughout centuries, is deeply engaged in the preservation of the diversity of cultural expressions and traditions

Во Всемирный день культурного разнообразия во имя диалога и развития мы чествуем культурное разнообразие в Европейском союзе и подчеркиваем его важность для развития диалога и уважения между людьми во всем мире. Европа – это мозаика разнообразия, сформированная многовековыми обменами между разными народами, языками и культурами.

У Сусветны дзень культурнай разнастайнасці ў імя дыялогу і развіцця мы святкуем культурную разнастайнасць у Еўрапейским саюзе і падкрэсліваем яе важнасць для развіцця дыялогу і павагі паміж людзьмі ва ўсім свеце. Еўропа – гэта мазаіка разнастайнасці, сфармаваная шматвекавымі абменамі паміж рознымі народамі, мовамі і культурамі.

Am Welttag der kulturellen Vielfalt für Dialog und Entwicklung zelebrieren wir die Vielfalt der Kulturen in der Europäischen Union und betonen ihre wesentliche Rolle für die Förderung des Dialogs zwischen den Menschen auf der ganzen Welt und ihrer gegenseitigen Achtung.

À l'occasion de la journée mondiale de la diversité culturelle pour le dialogue et le développement, nous célébrons la diversité culturelle au sein de l'Union européenne et soulignons son importance pour favoriser le dialogue et le respect entre les peuples du monde entier.

No Dia Mundial da Diversidade Cultural pelo Diálogo e pelo Desenvolvimento, celebramos a diversidade cultural na União Europeia e salientamos a sua importância para promover o diálogo e o respeito entre os povos de todo o mundo.