Delegation of the European Union to Canada


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The European Union Delegation to Canada intends to launch a call for proposals during the first quarter of 2018 targeting not-for-profit organizations. The specific objective of this exercise is to support young people on both sides of the Atlantic to become more involved in bilateral policy processes by promoting cooperation between Canadian and European youth organizations, associations and networks engaged in areas of common interest.


The Christmas holiday season was off to a festive start on 8 December as hundreds of music lovers packed the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica for a chance to enjoy Christmas songs and carols from across the European Union.


In 1948, after the devastating Second World War, which brought painful divisions in Europe and occupation for many European countries, the international community committed to define, promote and protect human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that we celebrate on 10 December has enshrined these shared principles and has had a profound influence on the development of the world. But still, almost seventy years on, we are far from the full respect of these commitments all over the world, and we recognize that all states must do more in this respect.

The first meeting of the EU-Canada joint ministerial committee took place in Brussels on 4 December 2017