Delegation of the European Union to Canada

A great success for the 30th European Union Film Festival in Ottawa

10/12/2015 - 00:00

For nearly three weeks in late November/early December moviegoers in Ottawa had the opportunity to see European films from all 28 EU Member States, a line-up worthy of the festival's 30 anniversary milestone.

This edition marked a number of firsts for the special anniversary year. It was the first time that all 28 Member States were represented and the first time the celebrated Bytowne Cinema hosted the festival.

“For three decades, the film festival has offered an opportunity to experience the European way of life through a unique collection of dramas, documentaries and comedies,” said European Union Ambassador Marie-Anne Coninsx on the opening night. “We have successfully built a European cinema tradition in Ottawa thanks to our colleagues at the Diplomatic Missions of EU Member States, our friends at the Canadian Film Institute and our loyal Canadian audience.”

Residents of Toronto and Vancouver were also able to enjoy the best of European films with their respective editions of the European Union Film Festivals.

The festival is the result of the great effort and care put in by the Embassies and Consulates of EU Member States, the EU Delegation and our Canadian partners, the Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa and the Cinémathèque in Vancouver. The success of the EU Film Festival in all three cities is the result of excellent teamwork. 

The European Union Film Festival will be back next year with more of the best European cinema has to offer.

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