Delegation of the European Union to Canada

The European Advantage: How to make the most of CETA - on-demand webcast

14/09/2020 - 17:57
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The European Union partnership with international trade expert Christian Sivière will show you the competitive advantage of European food and beverage products and how importers, wholesalers, and food retailers can take advantage of the opportunities. Whether cheeses, meats, olive oils, produce, confectionery, beer, or wine, these products are uniquely positioned to meet the changing preferences and appetites of a more discerning Canadian shopper and can give your business a competitive edge. With CETA in place there are more opportunities than ever before. Webinar discussion will include:

• The competitive advantages of the European products

• How to connect with European chambers of commerce in Canada and government trade representatives

• How to leverage suppliers’ deep knowledge about their products

• Q&A with trade expert Christian Sivière

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