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EU-Canada Summit : a convergence of views, values and cooperation

19/07/2019 - 13:54
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The 17th European Union-Canada Summit took place on 17-18 July in Montreal. European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker represented the European Union. Canada was represented by its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström also participated for the EU.



The EU-Canada Summit highlighted the convergence of views and values as well as cooperation in a number of areas. The EU and Canada remained faithful to a vision of the world where multilateralism and an international rules-based order should prevail. The shared commitments also include the fight against climate change and protection of the environment in particular oceans. To this end, during the Summit, the EU and Canada signed the Ocean Partnership. The partnership will upscale EU-Canada "ocean" relations and allow working closer in ensuring that oceans are safe, secure, clean and sustainably managed in line with the International Ocean Governance agenda. Canada is one of the early promoters of an integrated approach to ocean governance and maritime policy. It is a member of many global and regional fora, and involved in many related initiatives of interest to the EU.

Both sides remained enthusiastic about the implementation of the Strategic Partnership Agreement and of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. 2018 was the first full year of the provisional application of the Agreements and the positive results on bilateral trade are becoming visible. Bilateral trade increased by 10.5% compared with the average of the previous 3 years. EU goods’ exports to Canada increased by 15% and the EU’s agricultural exports were up by 7%.

Finally, the EU and Canada reiterated their strong commitment to advancing gender equality and women’s rights. Both sides believe that women’s empowerment and leadership is essential to build peaceful and inclusive societies and to advance security and resilience.

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