La Délégation de l'Union européenne au Canada

CONTRACT NOTICE - "European Union Policy and Outreach Partnership in Canada"

The purpose of this 'Call for Tender' is to procure  technical assistance focus on supporting a range of activities in the field of public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy. The activities may include inter alia the elaboration and dissemination of studies, organization of events (e.g. conferences, debates, lectures and briefing sessions), exchange of best practices and training, awareness raising campaigns and media activities as well as production of relevant communication materials (videos, publications, etc.).

The services provided through this contract will strengthen the European Union's ability to engage meaningfully and directly with different partners improving the understanding and increasing the awareness of the European Union as well as common interests between the European Union and Canada, including knowledge and awareness as regards the EU's founding principles, democratic set-up and its core policies. Targeted stakeholders would notably include think tanks, leading policymakers and opinion leaders across Canada, media, business organizations and universities.


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