Delegation of the European Union to Cambodia

EU-funded project brought Cambodian farmers a new technology

25/01/2019 - 03:34
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“I want to have animal rearing in Cambodia improved so it is comparable to the countries who export their technology to us. I want our country to be like them.”


According to vet Heng Makara, the introduction of artificial insemination has brought a number of improvements for Cambodian farmers.

“Raising pigs by artificial insemination is the best method, providing many benefits such as reducing infections; a sow will not be affected and will breed well as long as it has good breeding stock,” said vet Heng Makara

In the past, stud pigs were used to inseminate sows, and prime studs commanded high premiums. There was no guarantee that insemination would be successful, however, meaning that farmers sometimes had to hire a stud multiple times – an expense they now avoid.