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European Union-Uganda Roadmap to Improved Investment Climate

08/08/2019 - 11:54
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In line with the Africa-EU Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs, the EU Delegation to Uganda in partnership with the Government of Uganda and the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has engaged in a long-term initiative aiming at “Promoting EU and Uganda Private Sector Investments.”

The "EU-Uganda Roadman to Improved Investment Climate" outlines ways on how to tackle the main investment hurdles as seen by European and Ugandan companies in Uganda, identified as: Skills and Attitude; Access to Finance; and Governance and Corruption. 

The identified challenges are the result of a private-public dialogue between the EU and over 200 select EU and Ugandan businesses and public entities, initiated in November 2018, with the objective to identify key hurdles to private sector development. The discussions, conducted through thematic business breakfasts with seven completed as of 31 July 2019, also focused on ways to resolve them to improve on the business environment and the broader investment climate in Uganda.

In the course of this dialogue, over 20 remedial responses were proposed. These responses have been prioritised to form the roadmap, with the aim of generating concrete results within a two-year period. The process also confirmed that a constructive and effective private-public dialogue is essential for a sustainable development of the business environment. In response, a “Sustainable Business for Uganda Platform” (SB4U) is being created to ensure continued private-public collaboration and sustainable implementation of the roadmap responses by both European and Ugandan actors.

A summary of the roadmap is proposed below with more actions to be identified during implementation. This communication and the updated Jobs and Growth Compact for Uganda, provide more details about the EU's approach in promoting sustainable economic growth and decent employment in the country.

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