Délégation de l'Union Européenne en République du Cabo Verde

European Union in Cabo Verde

16/07/2020 - 09:26
About us - structure and organisation

Since 1978, the EU in Cabo Verde has been promoting relations between the European Union and Cabo Verde in the framework of the 2000 Cotonou Agreement and complemented by the establishment of an EU/Cabo Verde Special Partnership (2007) and a Mobility Partnership (2008) by facilitating a policy framework for enhanced dialogue.

The European Union has stood alongside Cabo Verde since its independence, in 1975. The relationship between the two parties is governed by the Cotonou Agreement and was strengthened by the Special Partnership in 2007, the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP+) and decentralized cooperation with civil society and municipal authorities.
Cooperation between the EU and Cabo Verde has an undeniable impact on the people of Cabo Verde and Europe because of its longevity, breadth and relevance, and because it is based on shared values.


EU Ambassador, Head of Delegation

Sofia Moreira de Sousa

Secretariat: delegation-cabo-verde@eeas.europa.eu

Policy, Press and Information Section

Head of Political Section

Ignacio Sobrino Castello

  • Political, commercial and economic affairs;
  • Focal Point for Human Rights.

E-mail: ignacio.sobrino-castello@eeas.europa.eu

Cooperation Section:

Head of Cooperation

Pedro Campo Llopis

  • Section Coordination;
  • Bilateral and regional programming;
  • Investment.

E-mail: pedro.campo-llopis@eeas.europa.eu

Finance, Contracts and Audit

Head of Finance

Miranda Van Reck

  • Coordination of the Section;
  • Contractual and financial implementation.

E-mail: Miranda.van-reck@eeas.europa.eu

Administrative section

Head of Administration

Fernando Cruz Garcia 

E-mail: Fernando.Garcia@eeas.europa.eu








EU Ambassador, Sofia Moreira de Sousa

Welcome to the European Union website in Cabo Verde

Thank you for your interest in EU matters and in our relationship with the Republic of Cabo  Verde. It contains all the information you need on this platform.

The EU Mission in Cabo  Verde depends on the  European External Action Service. We are one of the over 140 diplomatic representations of the European Union spread throughout the world.

This page aims to inform visitors about the role of the European Union in Cabo  Verde and in the world. Here you can find information on cooperation and partnership between the European Union and Cabo Verde. We work in many areas of development, such as health, education, environment, tourism, culture, security, among others.

In 2017 we celebrated ten years of the Special Partnership and we strengthened this relationship by extending it to new areas of work. Our partnership relationship is especially rooted in strong human, cultural and economic ties. Cabo Verde is a reliable partner and an example of stable democracy and good governance.

Together, we are allies in the fight against global challenges since climate change, insecurity, the fight against poverty and the social inequalities we are facing.

We invite you also to visit our Social Media: Facebook ,  twitter and  Instagram  and to leave your comments and suggestions. You may also contact us by e-mail: Delegation-cabo-verde@eeas.europa.eu and by telephone: + 238 262 13 92/94.


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