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Le Ghana reçoit une subvention de 9,7 millions d'euros de l'UE pour améliorer l'accès à l'électricité dans la sous-région

Accra, 25/01/2021 - 12:12, UNIQUE ID: 210125_4
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L'Union européenne (UE), à travers l'Agence française de développement (AFD) a approuvé une nouvelle subvention de 9,7 millions d'euros en faveur de la Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) pour booster les travaux d'infrastructure sur la ligne d'interconnexion entre le Ghana et le Burkina Faso . Cela devrait augmenter l'accès à l'électricité dans le nord du Ghana et la capacité d'exportation vers la sous-région, en particulier le Burkina Faso. La cérémonie du signature de ce don de l'UE interviendra ce mardi 26 janvier 2021. Ce don de l'UE renforcera entre autres la ligne d'interconnexion Ghana-Burkina Faso. Il soutiendra en effet la capacité de transfert d'électricité du sud du pays jusqu'au Burkina Faso, via la ligne 330 kV de Kumasi à Bolgatanga ainsi que la réduction des pertes de transport. Voici l’intégralité du communiqué de presse

"Ghana receives €9.7m EU Grant to Improve Access to Power in Sub-region

ACCRA, JANUARY 26, 2021 - The European Union (EU), through the French Development Agency - Agence Francaise Development (AFD) - has approved a new €9.7 million euros grant for the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) to boost infrastructure works on the interconnection line between Ghana and Burkina Faso. This is expected to increase electricity access in Northern Ghana and exporting capacity to the sub-region, especially Burkina Faso.   

The EU grant facility will be used to finance the upgrade of an 18km long 161kV transmission line located between Ahodwo and Anwomaso substation in Ghana’s second largest city, Kumasi. It will also support power transfer capacity from the South of the country up to Burkina Faso, through the 330kV line from Kumasi to Bolgatanga as well as reductions in transmission losses. The 330kV line project was initially financed with a US$174 million loan from AFD to GRIDCo and a €4.8 million euros technical assistance grant from the EU.  

The €9.7 million grant agreement was signed in Accra by AFD Country Director, Christophe Cottet and GRIDCo Chief Executive, Jonathan Amoako-Baah. The EU Ambassador in Ghana, H.E. Diana Acconcia and French Ambassador to Ghana, Anne-Sophie Avé, were present at the ceremony.

H.E. Diana Acconcia emphasized the project’s contribution to securing the overall Ghana-Burkina Faso interconnection line, which is a priority under the West African Power Pool (WAPP): “It is a great example of European partners coming together to support integration of regional electricity markets. This project will also directly benefit Ghana. It will enhance the efficiency and reliability of the transmission network, and strengthen the electricity flows to the North. Thus, contributing to the industrialisation of those regions and unlock new economic opportunities”.

H.E. Anne Sophie Avé, Ambassador of France to Ghana said: “This new project supported by EU and France will allow GRIDCo to complement one of the largest development investments of France in Ghana to enhance and upgrade electricity transport. This is a testimony of what the partnership between Ghana and France is about: supporting greener economy and jobs creation. This financing will translate into better and more reliable energy available for firms and Ghanaian citizens, and generate more growth, well-being and revenue for all”.
Jonathan Amoako-Baah, GRIDCo Chief Executive said: “This financial support from the EU represents a significant investment in our quest to remain the leading power transmitter in the sub-region. Our long-standing relationship with the EU, through AFD, continues to prove instrumental in the delivery of quality access to electricity in West Africa, in line with Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”


About Agence Française de Développement
The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Group is a public entity which finances and supports transitions toward a more just and sustainable world. As a French overseas aid platform for sustainable development and investment, we and our partners create shared solutions, with and for the people of the global South. Active in more than 4,000 projects in the French overseas departments and some 115 countries, our teams strive to promote health, education and gender equality, and are working to protect our common resources — peace, education, health, biodiversity and a stable climate.  It’s our way of honoring the commitment France and the French people have made to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals. Towards a world in common.

About Ghana Grid Company Limited
GRIDCo is a leading power transmission company in West Africa. It operates the Ghana National Interconnected Transmission System and provides electricity transmission services in Ghana and West Africa. Since its inception, GRIDCo has continuously worked at upgrading and extending the electricity grid to enhance reliability of electricity supply to industries, commercial and households. As a result, access to electricity in Ghana has increased from 66.7% (2009) to 84.5% (2019) in line with Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The increase in electricity access has resulted in increased income and economic livelihood in the country. In West Africa, GRIDCo has established inter and intra connections, as part of the West African Power Pool System and has positioned Ghana as a Net-Exporter of power within the Sub-region."



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