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17/02/2021 – HR/VP Blog – Why do we need to invest in multilateralism? Because it works. Today we have set out what the EU can do to strengthen and modernise the global system of rules and institutions on which we all depend.

"إن العالم المتعدد الأقطاب وغير المتكافئ يحتاج إلى قواعد متفق عليها ومؤسسات قوية"


17/02/2021 — Blog del AR/VP — ¿Por qué tenemos que invertir en multilateralismo? Porque funciona. Hoy hemos expuesto lo que la UE puede hacer para reforzar y modernizar el sistema mundial de normas e instituciones del que todos dependemos.

“Children have a key role to play in building a present and a future where peace will prevail. It is our responsibility to enable them to be such agents of change”, says EU-UN statement on International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers

In some parts of the world, girls under 18 are circumcised and assumed ready for marriage. Ester recalls that she was very excited and agreed to this “BUT when the day came and already cut, oh God I was like half dead,” she cried. Female genital mutilation is a crime and a violation of human rights. It cannot be justified as a cultural or traditional practice. The practice has been around for more than a thousand years, and continues to persist until this very day, further impacted by the shadow pandemic, disrupting efforts for its elimination. But change is possible, and it is happening.

No woman or girl should suffer from violence. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a severe violation of human rights and an act of violence against women and girls. It is estimated that more than 200 million women and girls worldwide have suffered from FGM. In Europe, at least 600,000 women and girls are living with the consequences of FGM, often severely affecting their health and well-being, even endangering their lives. COVID-19 has disrupted prevention programmes, seriously undermining progress towards reducing this heinous practice. Any backward step puts thousands of women and girls at risk.


عشية اليوم العالمي لعدم التسامح مطلقًا إزاء تشويه الأعضاء التناسلية الأنثوية، 6  فبراير/شباط 2021، انضم  الممثل الاعلى للاتحاد الأوروبي للشؤون الخارجية والسياسة الأمنية/ نائب رئيس المفوضية جوزيب


03/02/2021 - blog dell'AR/VP - L'Artide è una regione affascinante e le questioni che la riguardano stanno diventando sempre più importanti dal punto di vista geopolitico. Assistiamo a un crescente impatto dei cambiamenti climatici, e aumentano anche le questioni di sicurezza e le rivalità strategiche, facendo diventare sempre più stringente la necessità di accordi di cooperazione e multilaterali.

03/02/2021 — Blog del AR/VP — El Ártico es una región fascinante y todos los asuntos relacionados con esta zona del mundo son cada vez más importantes desde el punto de vista geopolítico. El impacto del cambio climático, las cuestiones de seguridad y las rivalidades están aumentando, al igual que la necesidad de cooperación y de acuerdos multilaterales.