Delegation of the European Union to Botswana and SADC

INVITATION TO TENDER No EEAS-06/01/2020-DELBW-SER-DIR Gardening Services Delegation

€15.000 - €60.000

The Delegation of the European Union to Botswana is launching a call for tenders using a Service Level Agreement

for Gardening Services Delegation

If you are interested to participate, you may express your interest by sending an email to the contact e-mail mentioned below, following the instructions on the webpage How to apply for an EEAS call for tenders.


Tender specifications



No EEAS-06/01/2020-DELBW-SER-DIR

Gardening Services Delegation


1. Introduction


This contract has been published on January 17th 2020. on the website of the Botswana Delegation at the following address:


1. Subject of the contract


The Delegation of the European Union to Botswana and SADC invites service providers specialised in gardening to participate in this tender launched with the aim of signing a contract.



2. Place of performance


EU Delegation Offices in Gaborone at the following address:  Delegation of the European Union to Botswana and SADC, Plot 758 Robinson Road, Extension 2.



3.1       Service Level Agreement



Target Customer Status Update Time

Target Resolution Time





Garden area in front of the office, sweeping of external paved area, cleaning of backside area

2 days a week



Watering of pot plants in the office building, disease control of plants

2 days a week




3.2       Garden Tasks

    • Weed control of garden area in front of the building
    • Sweeping of external paved area as well as the backside passage
    • Watering and disease control of plants in the building
    • 2 x half days presence at work per week




3.3.      Staff


For the execution of the above mentioned tasks, the service provider will propose at least two qualified staff with a possible back-up.  The proposal to be sent by the tenderer must include a comprehensive working plan foreseen for the implementation and management of all aspects of the contract.


4. Presentation of tenders


a) Prices must be:


  • Denominated in Botswana Pula (BWP) and be firm during the entire duration of the contract; a list of the prices for services, equipment and products in the format, provided in the tender submission document, Annex A.


b) The tender must indicate:


  • A clear description of how the services will be organized and provided, and how

            continuity and quality will be ensured. For more details refer to 4.2 below.


c) The tender must be signed and dated.


d) The forms to be filled in by the tenderer may not be altered in any way.



The procedure for submitting tenders is as follows:


Submission of a tender implies that the tenderer:


  • accepts all the terms and conditions governing the purchase order in Annex 3;


  • waives its own terms and conditions.


Period of validity of the tender: three months from the deadline for the submission of tenders.


Documents to be submitted:


4.1 Documents constituting the financial bid (to be placed in the ‘financial bid’ envelope):


i) The price schedule, duly completed;


4.2 Documents constituting the technical bid (to be placed in the ‘technical bid’ envelope):


i) A general description of the organization of work, i.e. how the services will be provided, how continuity of services will be ensured.


ii) Where appropriate, a description of the specific organizational measures and methodology, etc and good practices or value-adding services, in which the tenderer will implement and manage all aspects of the contract with the objective of achieving the maximum efficiency and the highest levels of client satisfaction.


If any of the documents listed in points 4.1 and 4.2 and on the Checklist to tender are missing or incomplete, the tender will be judged not to conform to requirements and will be rejected, subject to the application of Article 148(3), of the implementing rules of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union;



The evaluation of the technical conformity criteria is done on a binary (YES/NO) basis and thus does not call for the awarding of marks.



5. Specific contract implementation procedures


5.1 Preliminary meeting if necessary


5.2 Prices

  • Tenderers must make use of the enclosed tender submission document
  • Only offers expressed in BWP are receivable


5.3 Implementation period

  • One year
  • Renewable three times
  • Total is maximum four years


5.4 Penalties

Persistent negligent attendance to client requests can lead to cancellation of contract.


5.5 Terms of payment

Payment in BWP by electronic bank transfer to the contractor's bank account.


6. Payments

Payment shall be executed in BWP.


  • Original only (excludes email, photocopy, certified conform to original copy);
  • Must clearly indicate the details of the invoiced amount in line with the format of the price schedule in the tender submission document;
  • Must clearly indicate the additions in line with the format of the price schedule in the tender submission document – when applicable.


The original invoice must be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • A signed copy of a job card by the relevant authority in the Delegation







7. Enclosures (annexes)


  1. Annex A – Financial Tender
  2. Annex 1 – Technical Tender, statement of compliance, checklist minimum requirements
  3. Draft purchase order
  4. Annex A – Financial Tender
  5. EEAS-06/01/2020-DELBWA-SER-DIR
  6. Price schedule over the duration of the contract in BWP



Type of unit

Number of units over the duration of the contract

Unit price in BWP 


Total price in BWP   







6 = 4 x 5


Provision of one qualified gardener incl. a qualified back-up

[please fill in]

[please fill in]




Provision of uniforms, gardening tools, watering cans etc.

[please fill in]

[please fill in]




Provision of nutritional feeding for garden area and plants in the building

[please fill in]

[please fill in]




Pest and disease control for indoor plants

[please fill in]

[please fill in]




Regular cleaning of outside pavement and back yard

[please fill in]

[please fill in]






  1. When filling in this table, tenderers shall fill in in column 5 the unit prices. Tenderers will carefully calculate the total in column 6. They will do so for each item, they will not add, suppress or modify any item. Failing this, their tender will be eliminated.
  2. Name of tenderer:
  3. Name of the legal representative of the tenderer:
  4. Date:                                                                     Signature:
  5. Name of tenderer (to be filled in case of a joint tender):
  6. Name of the legal representative of the tenderer:
  7. Date:                                                               Signature:


Checklist on minimum technical requirements







Minimum specifications required


Specifications for the technical tender


Provide gardening services for outside space of the office

Proof of qualification of staff



Monthly report with information about requirements

Planning on requirements like nutritional feeding, disease control, garden tools



Supervision of gardener

Control system by employer











[please fill in]

[please fill in]

To be completed by the tenderer


[please fill in]

[please fill in]

To be completed by the tenderer


[please fill in]

[please fill in]

To be completed by the tenderer


[please fill in]

[please fill in]

To be completed by the tenderer

[please fill in]

[please fill in]

To be completed by the tenderer


Name of the legal representative of the tenderer:



Signature:                                                                     Date:]


Annex 1 – Technical Tender

Statement of compliance with the tender documents




I, .................... , the undersigned, being the authorised legal representative of [to be completed with the name of the tenderer; for joint tenders, this must include all members], hereby declare that we have examined and accept without reserve or restriction all the terms and conditions set out in the invitation to tender, in the tender specifications and in the draft purchase order for the tender procedure referred to above and, where appropriate, waive the tenderer's own general or specific terms and conditions. We offer to provide the services on the basis of our technical tender and our financial tender which do not diverge in any way from the requirements described in the tender documents as drafted by the contracting authority. Our tender complies with all the technical requirements indicated in the tender specifications.

We also undertake to respect these requirements scrupulously during the performance of the contract in case we become the awardee of the contract.


Name of the legal representative of the tenderer:



Signature:                                                                     Date



[Insert EU Delegation logo]








Delegation to Botswana


Name and address of contractor:

Currency of payment:






Tender (date and reference):







This purchase order constitutes acceptance of the above contractor's tender.
By agreeing to this order (contract), the contractor accepts the specifications sent on [_ _/_ _ /_ _ _ _] [attached to this document], waives all other terms of sale or performance of services and accepts the general conditions updated in 2016, published on the Internet at:










































Pursuant to the provisions of Headquarters Agreement applicable to the European Union Delegation or the Vienna Convention of 18 April 1961 on diplomatic relations, the EEAS is exempt from all taxes and dues, including value added tax, on payments due in respect of this Purchase Order.


[For intra-community purchases, the statement "VAT Exemption / European Union / Article 151 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC" should be added on the invoice.]



























Place of delivery/performance and/or Incoterms:

Contractor's signature

Delivery/performance hours and date:

[from .... to …..]  [_ _/_ _ /_ _ _ _]



Payment: 30 days from receipt of the invoice.



Contractor's bank account:












Acceptance of the tender by the EEAS:

Signature [name, position and date]



Invoices shall be sent to the following address: [full address of the Delegation]


The invoice will be paid only if the contractor has returned the signed purchase order.

This contract is governed by Union law, complemented, where necessary, by [indicate country] law and the courts of [complete] have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute.








Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
A week before the proposed date of the meeting.
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