Delegation of the European Union to Botswana and SADC

EU Projects with Botswana and SADC

11/05/2016 - 15:04

The European Union dedicates big efforts on Development Cooperation that directly benefits Botswana and SADC, mainly funded from the European Development Fund.


Since 2006, EU cooperation with Botswana shifted from the traditional "project approach" to "budget support". Up to 85% of EU assistance is now channeled through the Government budget in the form of annual disbursements, based on the achievement of agreed educational and HIV prevention results. This performance-based approach, where assistance is provided to help government deliver on the targets that it has itself set, reflects a maturing relationship between the EU and Botswana characterized in particular by EU's confidence in Botswana's development plans and public finance management systems.


Latest Projects



EU is committed to work together with the region to eradicate poverty through various support instruments. The Cotonou Agreement sets up the framework of the Partnership between the EU and SADC and is based on three pillars:

Cooperation Programmes amounting for M€ 116 are currently being implemented. Future programmes are being designed between 2016 and 2018 amounting for M€ 114.


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